Joseph Trance

Alphabet Soup Children

Father, God,
I pray right now
for the Children in
Alphabet Soup;
for the ones labeled
by letters,
for this
nameless, faceless group.

For the LD, and NOS,
and the PDD as well,
and others I can't
even spell.
For the ones that
have IEP's;
the ones
with "Special Needs,"
But aren't they all
Special, Father?
Father, hear my pleas.

For the MR's and BI's
and the CP kids too,
for the EH and the ED,
caught in the alphabet
And I also pray
for ASD's, from the
mild to the severe:
the ones labeled
"autistic" who
seem not to hear.

You are the Alpha
and the Omega,
GOD from A-Z,
Father, please do
hear me, as I
say on bended knee,

"I thank you, Father,
for Your love of
this special group;
Protect, Defend and Bless them,
these Children of Alphabet Soup."

What the letters mean:   LD (learning disabled), NOS(not otherwise specified,) PDD; pervasive developmental disorder,
ADD/ADHD (attention deficit/hyperactive disorder), IEP; individualized educational plan, MR (mentally retarded),
BI(brain injured), CP (cereberal palsy), EH (emotionally
handicapped, ED (emotionally disturbed)and ASD (autistic spectrum disorder)


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 10/18/2009.


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