Joseph Trance

Christmas' First Love

It's not about helping people,
it's not about feeling good,
it's not even about what we do,
because we know we should.

It's not about my loving heart,
or about my annointed mind,
it's not about any of those or
about me being kind.

It's all about loving Jesus
about making Him my first Love..
because the Father did that
when He sent Jesus from above.

This must be the focus of
every Christmas heart;
it's from this First Love
that we should not depart.


Sometimes people disappoint
sometimes they reject
the help we try to give them
and then we say, "oh what the heck..."

and about all those "good feelings,"
they always come and go..
But Jesus' love remains forever..
this one thing I know.

And sometimes I don't do
the things I know I should,
sometimes I fall short and
turn away from the good (Book).

As for my "loving heart,"
it's deceitful above all things
who can really understand
and all the songs it sings?

And my mind sometimes is
not the "mind of Christ,"
and the thoughts that I think
are not always so nice.

It must be then about Jesus,
about making Him my first
true love..
it must be about
being "Stayed on Him", who God
sent from above.

Because He so Loved the world
that He gave His only Son..
He didn't care that we would
reject Him..
still the victory He won.
The Father knows our evil hearts
and knows our inpure thoughts...

He knows we don't always do right
but that doesn't change His loving Light.

For it was all
about His First Love
when He sent His son..
about Loving me
despite myself and
the Victory that was won.

So when It is all about Jesus
and not centered on "ME,"
then all the things I am..
become HIS Truth that sets me Free.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 11/29/2009.


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