Jens Marquard


boy you donīt make it hard,
you let me reach your heart,
In bad times Iīll console you,
you let me reach your soul, too,
ecstasy is it ought to be,
you let me reach your thoughts of need,
I shouldnīt but give you chances,
And I wonīt ever change this,



boy you set me in a rush,

striking is the way you brush,

it let me have on you a crush,

your loving is very lush,

you bring me in an excess,

please me thatīs the occasion,

Iīm in an obsession,

You ainīt illegal possession,

you make me high like a drug,

whenever you will knock,

I will give you a hug,

Youīre combined with rock,


immediately you stimulate,

both we open every gate,

you want it slow, I will wait,

the feeling is what youīve paid,

youīre like an injection,

against mortal infections,

nice is your selection,

no needed proof detection,

you influence just like a pill,

together we share a pillow,

passion clearly does still flow,

Iīm kidding you will kill yoh,



you make me a little greed,

you let me take a secure seat,

īcause boy I know that you donīt cheat,

When you ainīt there, hearts donīt beat,

you see me with dependence,

itīs your important presence,

that makes my whole ambiance,

youīre my life essence,

I wonīt ever misuse,

I donīt wanna lose,

your permanent seduce,

if you do you give me juice,



An effect like ecstasy,

it is clearly to see,

has the case with you to be,

an angel has made me,

a person who thinks that we,

are ought to be eternally,




ECSTASY is a very serious poem as it portrays a serious affair or situation. The lyrical I struggles with addiction by a drug. Itīs also in partnership with a woman. It simply is on a brinck, as it canīt get away of the drugs.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 12/16/2009.


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