Jens Marquard


Have you ever thought, he didn't know the word anger;
then you cut your finger, and you lingered in danger;
'cause in the swinger club he's stringing up some gangsters;
he's the major arranger on a big place, is called the streets;
there where he gets bleed, nearly every night;
up and down the roads in town, there where you can drown in your shit;
he's searching for a banner, I'd call him a banger;
If you're at the limit, then he'll play the changer, and cut you off the fresh air;



no hate and anger,

would erase all bangers,

we dont need a vanguard,

lets forget about anger,

and lets then start,

being happy and friendly,

all the time,

start with thinking of,

that rhymes,



I hate to be angry,

I ask you, why cant we,

create a land thats free,

there where nobody,

needs to be angry,

what about sang we,

that makes our plans be,

so why do hang we,

only around here,

lets take exemplarily,

the diligent bees,



problems with language,

normally dont anguish,

but how to abolish,

all that garbage,

which language,

is the whole package,

grasp the courage,

pack your baggage,

see the frontage,

of other cultures,

and failed gestures,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 12/22/2009.


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