Jens Marquard





it´s not her liar,

it´s another´s liar,

it´s hard to find another liar,

I want to acquire him,

his lies are like fire,

he´s determined for higher,

so I want to hire him,

to retaliate to my old girlfriend,

he shall act like her boyfriend,

and let her nerves come to an end,

first I want to mend her heart,

his aura makes her surely banned,


so I make him with her acquainted,

he starts with lying very faint,

lets her suffer that´s the main thing,

he soon will be her tough king,

he´ll let her fall that will bring it,

then the next morning,

she´ll surely be mourning,

then I step into the thing,

her feelings will be dying,

she deserved she´ll be crying,

I´ll console her by lying,

to seem real I will be sighing,



Another day

Another way

Another´s aid

to retaliate

Another time,

Another crime,

Another rhyme,

to make revenge mine,



then behind her back,

I´ll pretend to love the liar,

it´ll break her neck,

but that´s what I desire,

I´ll pay him a cheque,

and he can´t deny her,

an effect like crack,

I´ve even depressed the liar,

I´m like the sky at night so black,

prisoners would admire,

that´s the end of the track,

and of the both her and the liar,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 12/25/2009.


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