Jens Marquard




you know how it feels,

when you think you´re scum,

you feel like a piece of litter that was dumped,

you know how it feels,

when you´re down and low,

you feel like you´re in the wrong show,



Nothing´s working well for you,

anything´s working badly,

can also be good for you,

don´t sit there sadly,

experiences are made

in any times,

so just listen to my rhymes,


you´ve learned in your past,

is helpful for you at last,

´cause everything you´ve said and done,

is now and here for everyone,

you can´t hide from your own,

you´re old enough since you were born,

you have to find your own way,

that´s my sense of life, it´s going straight,

you want to start new,

but you can´t get it through,

you think that can´t be true,

that has to do with you,

you can´t change your mood,

you know how it feels,



Nothing´s working badly for you,

everything´s relatively,

I have this from a clever man,

so listen what he gives to me,

experiences are made in all situations,

so just listen to my explanations,

everything you´re doing now,

is useful for your life,

wasting your time and think about it,

would cut you like a knife,

try to be someone,

and not to be no-one,

´cause that was a waste of time,

you´re not like anyone else, 

remember my rhymes,

you could loose control,

you want someone to know,

that you have big sorrows,

but you can´t throw away,

blow them away,

you could loose your way,

you know how it feels,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 12/28/2009.


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