Rob Hanna

A kiss hidden from the world

A kiss hidden from the world.
The taste of her neck as she twists her head.
A heavy breath and a soft moan tells me of her escapism.
Her body leaning back being held up by mine.
Legs stretched forward in parellel with my own.
I pull my head back as I kiss the back of her head.
The softness and the smell of her hair makes me close my eyes.
The feel of my arms wrapped around her holding her tight.
The slight chill and the dampness of the evening air are evaded by the warmth being radiated now.
Her cloths are soft, almost silky, covering her body from the sight of the rest of the world.
My arms and my hands feel through softness of her shirt to feel the curves of her body.
Two bodies merged as one exposing our backs to the world and our smiles to the shadows.
The sounds of laughter, dancing, stories and song are behind us only a handful of feet away.
Hundreds of people enjoying the night air and the drinks as the band fills town with the sounds of street dance.
So close to this party, yet hidden as if on the other side of the earth.
A brillant flash in front of us, the explosion of reds, blues and greens fill the sky.
The crowd of revellers eyes, faces and smiles show the enjoyment of the show.
With each new blast of light, exposes our hidden world.
The bursts and the light illumiate the beauty of her golden hair.
We have been exposed yet still no one sees, our secret safe.
I raise my hand and gently caress her hair as I guide it slowly away from her neck.
Her head moves to the side anticipating another kiss as my lips touch just below her ear.
I raise my lips to start a methodic pattern of movement toward a spot under her chin.
Each fraction of an inch spotted with the mesh of lips to skin.
Her chin comes down, my lips retreat.
Even in the shadows I can see the intoxicating blue color of her eyes.
The first kiss is mear moments away now.
A mix of hestiatation, curiousity and desire blend as one.
Our eyes stare into each others, exposing our very souls.
Darkness is once again around us as close our eyes.
Its a kiss that will be remembered.
Forever to be added to mists of memories.

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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rob Hanna.
Published on on 01/24/2010.


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