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Kristenīs Story

Is she still with us? This question demands an answer that I cannot give. You can tell me what you think. But first, listen to Kristi's story.
Her name was Kristen Corsovia. Or Kristi. Long, straight black hair adorned her perfectly shaped head. Her deep blue eyes, like the darkest depths of the ocean, could pierce anyone's heart. She was only 11years old, and she lived in Texas with her parents. But on her 12th birthday, her mom and dad were brutally murdered. They were beaten with a bronze lamp, then burned to ashes and scorched bones when the house was set ablaze. Lucky Kristi, she was at a resteraunt, celebrating her birthday.
Kristen had to go live with her closest family member. A cousin in New Mexico. His name was Arthur. He seemed like a nice man. Arthur treated Kristen well.
A week went by. Kristen thought she was going to like it there. Arthur lived on a river. On the eighth day of her stay, she took a walk on the riverbank. It was beautiful, but she felt uneasy. Kristen felt like someone, or something, was watching her. She never came back from that walk.
A hotel now sits on the land where Arthur and Kristen lived. I would not wish my worst enemies to spend even one night there.
I stayed there just last month. It looked like no one had cleaned the rooms for ages. There were cobwebs on the bedsheets. I had no choice but to stay there because it was the only hotel in town.
The owner told me the story of Kristen. It seemed as though he had known the girl. Told it in such detail, with so much passion. Wait... Oh yeah, the story...
"She went to the river about noon. Said she wanted time to think. During her walk, she felt like she was being followed. She was skipping rocks in the river. Kristen started running, trying to get away from what was following her. She tripped over a tree root and it was on top of her. That night, her cousin found her bloody, cut up corpse. It looked like some animal was clawing at her. Could have been a bird or a dog, maybe a cat.
"Rigor mortis had set in, and she looked pale blue. Her face was frozen in a look of sheer terror, her eyes locked on something so real to her, but forever a mystery to us... They said the cause of death was a heart attack.
"Some say she haunts the hotel to this day. Others say she roams the banks of that river, trying to outrun her death."
That night, while trying to get to sleep, i heard a sobbing child. The sound was so pitiful, i just couldn't stand do listen to it anymore. it was coming from my right. i went and knocked on the door next to mine.
Just then, the sobbing stopped. absolutely no sound coming through the door. This was unusual, but I walked back to my room, not paying any mind to it.
The next morning, I walked next door and went inside. It was almost exactly like my room, except it had a full-body mirror. I had a strange urge to stare into the mirror. I looked at the image in the mirror,and seeing nothing unusual, I turned away.
Just then, something in the corner of my eye caught my attention. I looked into the mirror, and a small child was starting to materialize. That black hair, deep blue eyes... Kristen! I bolted out of the room and ran out of the hotel. Kristen was running behind me the whole time. i turned to the left when I was out the front door, and she kept going straight.
Towards the river, and I knew it. She wanted me to follow. I couldn't resist. She ran, I followed. She disappeared. Kristen reappeared farther down the riverbank, and i could see something leap on top of her.
It was a tiger! It was clawing at her, but it didn't want to eat her. It just kept at her like she was a scratching post. The sight in front of me was so gruesome, and I tried to look away, but I just couldn't.
Kristen and the tiger started to fade away, and someone stepped out of the bushes. It was another little girl. About nine or ten years old. I heard her shout something at Kristen (or maybe at the tiger). I didn't hear what she said, but as she said it, the tiger stopped it's bloody rampage and trotted to the girls side.
The girl laughed and stared down at Kristen. Then her and the tiger were gone, in a puff of smoke, floating to the heavens. The ghostly apparition disappeared altogether as the smoke blended with the air.
I never told anyone about what I saw, until now, and I never figured out who that girl was. She looked remarkably familiar. Her hair, a light shade of red, was the same color as the hotel owners. Her eyes, baby blue, were also the same as his. Make of it what you will, but i thought of it as a coincidence.
`I may visit the hotel again one day, see how little Kristi is doing. I wonder if she has shown others what she showed me. I saw another ghost in my house. He was a man of about thirty, and he was very violent. Because of him, I have joined Kristi and him as a ghost. It is still pretty new to me.
After all, you should know. It's all your fault. GET ME OUT OF THIS GRAVE! It is horrible down here. PLEASE HELP ME! If we ever cross pathes, you will see how bad it is. And you will be sorry that you didn't help me...


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Genelle Jackson.
Published on on 02/06/2010.


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