Tanja W.

Hey, little boy

 Hey little boy,
why are you looking like that?
Say, little boy,
why does your look feel so sad?
Just try to smile a little bit for me,
'cause I'll show you what's like to be

Hey little boy,
do you hear the wind around your ears?
Or do you feel the sand under your feets?
Are you willing to stop your thoughts for me
'cause I'll show you what's like to be

Say, little boy,
when you take my hand,
what do you feel?
Or when you look into my eyes,
what do you believe?
I hope that you enjoy the trip with me
'cause I'll show you what's like to be

Don't you worry, little boy,
'cause when you look into the sunny sky,
but you can just see another lie
that's build up right before your eyes
then I hope that you'll cross that wall for me,
'cause I'll show you what's like to be

Have faith, little boy,
'cause when you try to reach my hand
and you're ready for the fairytail land
but suddenly there's a huge hole before you
then please catch my hand and you'll see
that I'll show you what's like to be

Wow, little boy,
when we stand before the river now,
and it's not important to cross it anyhow,
and when I'm afraid of loosing my own way again
then please take my hand and go with me,
'cause you'll show me what's like to be

So, little boy,
when we both stay before the holy ground
and when I can hear the pleasent, goddess sound
then I will look into your godlike eyes
to lose all that fear which lied in me
'cause you'll show me how's like to be
in heaven...

Hey little boy,
why are you smiling now?
Say, little boy,
why are you shining like beautiful snow?
Just show me the way life has to be
'cause now I realize that it wasn't me
who really knew what's like to be alive!


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Published on e-Stories.org on 04/03/2010.


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