Jens Marquard




I´m kinda pampered,

got a love for amber,
I´ve got enough for my chamber,

I want my personal carpenter,

to design my room a relax centre,

I like all this enormous glamour,

Can´t imagine to be a camper,

I´ve got a lot of music samplers,

Music always calms my anger,

If I get whatever, I don´t throw bangers,

If you´re curious about my chamber,

Then dare it to enter,



I´m kinda spoilt and despaired,
got a love for oysters,

My parents cook´em,

as I even can´t handle boilers

that´s the pointer to,

I can´t bake within plant oil´s used,
If I do, food tastes like soil tofu,

If I make steaks they´re bloodily moist, too,
and I don´t want to join my guests at the toilet room,

I don´t want to lose my poise too soon,

for some coins they´ll get a joint to soothe,
for body pains they´ll get an ointment refuge,



Just like a king, I´m carried high,

In my home where things áre all mine,

I want money then my parents say: it´s not what counts,
I find that funny, because I´m already outta the house,
buy, shop, purchase, it´s fine, top, always,

In my opinion I ain´t greed,

although some say I exceed,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Jens Marquard.
Published on on 06/16/2010.


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