Tamara Heid


Love is still; wherever; there,
To every time, it is taking care.
Love lifts you up, brings you higher,
Fulfills you’re smallest heart’s desire.
Love never fails with a wrong word,
It will do nothing what will you hurt.
Love cries and laughs yes it will fight,
Against all evil, to make it all right.

Love can let you go – Wherever,
Because it knows, love is forever.
Love is the cloud you’re laying on,
Will save and love you all day long.
Love is the peace you’re resting in,
It will carry you and fill you again.
Love is your dream, which is fulfill,
It loves you, may your joy be filled.

Love is still there, waiting for you,
What ever it tells it will be true.
Love is the rock you’re standing on,
Peace in the middle of the storm.
Love heals your body, soul and heart,
It always brings you up to start.

Love is the shoulder, cry out receive,
Do it before pain makes you deaf.
Love is the bed where you can sleep,
It is the air your heart must breathe.
Love is a tear, running down your face,
It cleans softly, with you in one space.
Love is the music in your heart’s place,
It will show all the mercy and grace.

Love will be your most, and safest curtain,
It will take care of every of your burden.
Love is the smile in middle of a horrible day,
Love every time goes with you a crazy way.
Love is like a child, trustful believing all,
The heart desires of those are very small.

Love loves you like Who you are,
It will see always in you a star.
Love is the beginning not the end,
It walks with you hand in hand.
Love is the hug in a painful time,
It will in your darkest hour shine.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Tamara Heid.
Published on e-Stories.org on 08/05/2010.


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