Anna Regen

All The Sounds Of The Earth

If you combined all the sounds of the earth,
All the machine noises,
The ticking of clocks,
The turning of pages,
The sounds of the wind,
The raindrops on roofs,
The smashing of doors,
The cars rushing by,
The music being made,
The screams,
The laughter,
The whispering of lovers,
The angry shouting,
The sighs.
If you combined all these sounds you’d get a symphony greater than anything ever written.
Full with both sad- and happiness,
With ups and downs,
Quiet solos and majestic orchestras.
A symphony too complex to be heard by only one person
And yet so easy that a new-born child would be able understand it. 
A symphony that would be so terrifying that we would cover our ears
But at the same time try to soak up every tone.
Everything would make sense
And there would be no more questions.
Nothing would matter anymore,
Only the here and now,
The feeling of being.
You would forget who you are,
Where you came from
And where you were going.
It would be the new beginning of an endless chapter.
And it would make everything ever proved pointless.
Maybe what we all need is this symphony.
But for now…look for the silence.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Anna Regen.
Published on on 09/08/2010.


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