Motsamai Maqadika

How do you feel tell me...

I feel like…
I've been given a second chance in life
We haven't met
But you make me feel blissful
...You talk,
I feel healed
You laugh to my jokes
I'm inspired to tell more
Can u see me drowning?
It's not fatal, it’s gratifying
The darkness is slowly fading,
Revealing your gaggling eyes and rosy face
 Fractures are casing my face
Ultimately I can afford to smile
I dance to the imaginary songs,
I dance to contentment
Life is giving me joy
Time is feeding me desire
I’ve by no means used a map before
…I’m inspired to track u down
I’m not a poet
…You make me deceive myself
Please tell me I’m dreaming,
I’m getting over myself here.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Motsamai Maqadika.
Published on on 09/09/2010.


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