Ingrid E. Patrick



GOD gives us hope
in a dark world without any light.
To believe in HIM
lets us scope
with sadness and fright.

Join the community of Christian believers,
show we are worthy as HIS Kingdom receivers.
Stop hatred, destruction and the nuclear race.
Let us turn this world into a better place.

YES, WE CAN is not just a saying.
To practise it will help us conveying
the message to those people trapped in their greed
for fame and fortune.
They will never succeed!


Patty Patrick
November 2010



Gott sendet uns die Hoffnung
in einer Welt voller Dunkelheit...
Und es werde wieder Licht
in unseren Herzen mit Dankbarkeit...

Drum lasst uns, liebe Christen,
nicht nur heute darum beten...

Stoppt die Angst und den Hass
mit Frieden anstelle von Raketen!!!


Juergen Stengele
November 2010


I was inspired to write this poem by my friend Juergen Stengele. That is why I have added his comments in German.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ingrid E. Patrick.
Published on on 11/18/2010.


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