Andy Klemm

Vampiric Dream

I slept a thousand slumbers
Guarded by them stars of midnights veil.
Laid on roses and distant thunder,
Vampiric remains, fragile and pale.
I listened to them sounds carried on them winds,
As I dreamed of eternal sleep and crimson sins.
The taste of soft virginal flesh confusing my senses,
Bound to this sepulchre made of natural fences.
Oh how I have craved for the taste of your blood,
The touch of your warmth while my senses ignite.
The loss of your life and heartbeats that stop,
To rise from this grave. Reborn heir of darkest nights.
Yet you are so far and I lay so deep.
These shattered remains, what graves like to keep.
No demon could ever imagine what I would do,
To resurrect to moonlight to come after you.
So I remained sleeping while my dreams sought to wake,
As the memories of your taste made me forget the stake,
Which kept me from rising, kept me from thriving.
And centuries pasted, in visions of a virgin.
 I felt you close even after all
these years,
When the sound of your whisper told me you were near.
And like never before I felt so awake,
I were to break out of this coffin and splinter this stake.
My claw like nails dug into ebony planks
Rotting wood in splinters, dead earth fall to my face.
As I dug threw what kept me away from your touch,
My senses set for consuming your precious blood.
The light of the moon gently caressed,
My demon like skin as the rim of my sepulchre I passed.
Crippled and decayed I came to my feet,
As for the first time since ages our eyes would meet.
You still held the beauty of a thousand deaths,
That malicious scent of a virgin on your arousing breath.
That glow in your eyes, like stolen from hell
With arms wide spread as in your embrace I fell.
“Those endless nights I sat by your grave,
dreaming to kiss you, my vampiric slave.
It seemed like never this moment would come,
For you to resurrect and we were to become one.”
Your voice in my head seemed like cracks of thunder,
What I missed so dearly as I lay six feet under.
No devil could imagine what this moment I felt
When cloaked in your arms before you I knelt.
“Be my bride, my Countess of dusk.
Let us rule the night together in cruelty and lust.
Share my passion, this need for crimson sin.
And last for all time, let the age of darkness begin.”
I could have sworn a lonesome tears escaped your eye,
As my words passed my lips in the dead of the night.
As you pulled me close, decayed cheek to your breast,
Grave stained arms moving in for an endless caress.
“I´ll be your bride so we shall never be parted,
those centuries of loneliness broke my very heart.
How could I bare to loose you again,
The pain of despair would drive me insane.
Take my warm sweet blood, feed on me now.
So we can stay together, my vampiric Count.”
And the skies seemed to darken the moon as I kissed,
Her virginal neck in euphoric bliss.
Softly she groaned as I fed on her most precious,
Her warmth soothing my body, releasing the vicious.
That monster in me, that demon in love
With the bride of darkest night in virginal cloth.
I almost forgot the taste of fresh blood,
As I was tight to my grave, left to rot.
Yet as the first drop caressed my lips
All the craving vanished, a total eclipse.
Did she know, what gift she had offered ? What dreams she fulfilled,
as I fed on her life and her body chilled ?
As she passed the boundaries of life into death ?
As my neck got caressed by her final breath ?
Maybe on day she would understand,
What magic is kept if you´re being damned.
The kiss of nosferatu a gift beyond life,
A bless ever so sacred for my beloved wife.
While only the stars witness your decay
You become the most erotic creature, so disgusted by day.
A seedling in blood, a child of the night.
Nocturnal predator, nymphomanic delight.
As my lips left your throat, your skin had turn pale,
As you fell to my grave, all life had embarked
Your eyes dressed in death, your touch so frail.
A picturesque beauty, cloaked in lifeless veil.
I fell to my knees once more and cried,
For never before I saw such beautiful sight.
As you lay there sleeping, the countess of graves.
Most Erotic sepulchre that ever touched my gaze.
Your eyes began to flutter, as you passed nocturnal slumber
The curse of being damned took over you like thunder.
Your lips seemed to tremble your eyes burned like fire,
As slowly you awoke to crimson desire.
“Blood is what I crave, my hunger so enormous,
I could tear apart that crypt due to this bloodlust.
Please, my beloved grant me a sip, a drop of crimson sin
I now am your Bride, have the reign of blood begin”
Like never before I felt so alive,
As you came back from the dead to be my vampiric wife.
We would drink from throats so soft and warm
While in between we would love each other under midnights charm.
My dream come true, my desire fulfilled
Share eternity with you without shame or guild.
Nocturnal Lover we´d be forever more.
A Count and his Countess ruling bloodshed shores.
“Come, my beloved. The night calls our names.
I´ll feed you desires, for blood in sexual games.
You are as am I, now and for all time.
Children of  Lady Bathory,
Partners in Crime.
We shall live forever on without any limit,
A match made in hell, yet nonetheless vivid.
We belong together, like blood, sex and Dusk
And nothing shall ever do part the beloved us.”
So I took your hand, so pleasantly cold
As we vanished into the night, beware and behold.
For maybe one day our pray you might be,
Your blood our desire, our thirst your disease.
No need to woe, no need to cry,
For we are superior creatures for now and all time.
Blessed with never ending life and beauty so pale,
Nocturnal breed, dressed in crimson veil. 
©  Andy Klemm


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andy Klemm.
Published on on 12/27/2010.


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