Joana Angelides

The Silent Dispair



'm lonely among these many people.
You do not see me, they run past me
I want to cry, call, send signals.
My mouth is open, but he escapes no cry.
The desperation makes me dumb.
How should I also do understand
I do not own me.
Before, I could cry, laugh
But now my world is collapsing.
The despair is all around me.
I feel so alone in empty space.
Search for support around me, I am surrounded by a wall
But I was hardly noticed.
My soul is looking for a maintenance, a helping hand.

The despair enveloped me.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joana Angelides.
Published on on 01/02/2011.


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Im Schatten des Olivenbaumes von Joana Angelides

Ein Olivenbaum zieht die Menschen in seinen Bann und bestimmt besonders das Leben einer leidenschaftlichen Frau.
Sie trifft eine überraschende Entscheidung.

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