Christian Werthmann

My sweet salvation

Been on this road of pain for oh so many years
I've been lonely and sad and shed a million of tears

While looking for love I was so often cut down
I got nothing but grief and was the poor crying clown

I was ready to give up, but then life turned the page
And a beautiful angel entered the stage

Will she be my revelation
Could she be my sweet salvation She' s cute and sweet and her smile like golden light
Makes me feel like she' s a princess and me her shining knight

She' s the total package – friendly and smart
Pretty and kind with a big loving heart

In the blackness of my life she' s a colorful spark
And the moon and the stars where it once was dark

Will she be my revelation
Could she be my sweet salvation

But I feel there' s something that keeps us apart
Am I again already doomed from the start?

Or is she afraid, too,that she might get hurt?
I wouldn' t do that for a thing in the world

Gotta know, angel, what could it be?
Will you be my salvation or my dark misery?

Will she be my revelation
Could she be my sweet salvation

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Christian Werthmann.
Published on on 01/20/2011.


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