Joshua Akinwande


Oh Methuselah, here you are again

With Methuselah in your hand hold tight to your chest

Yesterday you were wheeled down to your abode down the ghetto

By some good fellows walking by

After soaking yourself in an ocean of gin

Oh Methuselah, itís not too late to repent

Deny Methuselah today and live a purposeful life tomorrow

Methuselah, arenít you aware you are to live long

But have chosen to live a shortened life

Let that bottle full of wine go, let Methuselah go

And take control of your life once again

(c) 2010

in this poem, Methuselah represents two things at diffrent location. one, the biblical figure; a man who was an ancestor of Noah and lived 969 years and two; large wine bottle; a wine bottle that holds the equivalent of eight normal bottles, approximately 6 liters.
You should be able to fix the two in the write-up...
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joshua Akinwande.
Published on on 03/20/2011.


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