Joshua Akinwande


Nobody decides the continent he comes from
No one influences the nation he belongs
No child ever choose his or her own family
All happened by fate, or rather a divine arrangement
I am from Africa down the globe
The nation of the black people
Homeland of heroes now and past
Land of wealth and riches
Where milk and honey flow like river
Bounded by water and land
I am African, beautiful and elegant
Extremely black and exceptionally bold
Having a heart of gold with a diamond skin
Very rare with uncommon values
My fist are made of iron
I’m made to love God, the whole world
Always to defend the good and fight evil
I am African, born African, proudly African

© 2011 

Everybody was made beautiful by God with different values and uniqueness. And by HIS divine will, placed us at different places around the globes. And with a great sense of beauty, painted us with varieties of colours... Waoo!, how beautiful!!!! The white so beautiful with long curly hairs and also others...
Whatever colour we may be having on our skin, we have thesame water and heomoglobin running through our vains.
All I'm doing here is celebrating who I am... I am proud to be an African having many whites as friends.
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joshua Akinwande.
Published on on 03/26/2011.


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