Lars Schmitt

The Odd Kid

Have you heard this story

The one about the kid

Who said he killed his parents

I can't believe this shit

They say he's in a hospice now

But that don't really fit his character


He said he loved a teacher

But that was not the truth

He couldn't be untempted

To recreate his youth

All he ever trusted was

A greater bunch of fools than he was


It's a story of temptation

Of vanity and pain

There was a loss of expectation

Driving him insane

Noone ever cared about

The things that he said 'cause he was lying


But one day in October

The clock ran out of time

He thought of all his friends

Who left him well behind

He was only seventeen

When he realised that he had noone


Noone he could talk to

Noone to explain

How he felt without them

Or to take away his pain

Noone to be mentioned

As friend to anyone or just to noone


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Lars Schmitt.
Published on on 08/08/2011.


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