Fergal Dunne

Rush Not To Me Girl

I pulled my skin and it snapped back

The silver foil under cd rack.

The phone already off the hook

Distant beeping made me look.

"To kill a mocking bird" supports my bed

Smoke stained pages in my head.

The cards are stacked so I cut-deck

Some paperboy took it in the neck.

As time came forward then it fades

I wonder will this affect my grades.

The sun rose and pierced a glass

Yesterdays orange juice, I had to pass.

Creased rug under coffee table

Join the rush - don’t think I’m able.

Spin remote and make me better

T’s and B’s my substitute letter.

Vinyl loop and needle too

I come unstuck you are my glue.

Take me easy or not at all

Memories stagnate in my hall.

If I should sleep let me dream

And this time make me scream.

I took your ride on a golden ark

23 creatures and a blue aardvark.

So I thought I could dip and dab

Now I face a colder slab.

Memory loss my special art

But I’ve forgotten - "when did I start"?

Copyright fed 2009. 


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Fergal Dunne.
Published on e-Stories.org on 11/03/2011.


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