Ariane Hofmann

Your heart in my hands

Your heart in my hands
I hold it gently
Hold it tight
Just hold it like a treasure
Take my promise
I will hold it right
It is on the best place
That I know for sure
Iíll take care for your heart
Every day a bit more
You gave me your heart
Your most precious gift
Itís in my hands now
And so I will shift
It with mine
Itís in your hands now
Take care as I do
So fore the rest of our lives
weíll never feel blue
We trade our hearts
As a symbol of prem
ĎCause inside our souls
We both are the same

This poem was a present for my boyfriend's birthday. The word "prem" in the last line is Gujarati and means love.Authors comment


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ariane Hofmann.
Published on on 09/14/2005.


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