Joshua Akinwande



By destiny, became friends

Not by real contact but e - contact

Great was the distance that separate, yet felt so close

Shared dreams, goals and ambitions

With optimum passion of achieving them

Shared knowledge which empowered onto wisdom

Got to know the common and contrast

Hour after hour, laughed and frowned

Day after day, shared pains and gains

Months after months, the hearts seemed too close for an e-feelings

There arose a need for some definitions to be made

Necessitating some decisions to be taken

Alas! picked the word 'distance' even in the digital world

Anytime the past memories beeped,

It seemed treading the future path was impossible

Month by month, could see more possibilities

Day by day, could get rid of the past memories

Hour by hour, the future path became clearer

And at the last minute when everything seemed to be new

There appeared the e-friend in the real world

Like a shadow under the sparkling light

with blast of some melodious music of Spanish touch

Thought everything was over

But not the impression left by love

which could lead to something new

And definitely in the real world


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joshua Akinwande.
Published on on 11/11/2011.


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