Joseph Trance

When You Think You Can't

When you think you can't...
He Will.

When you think He won't listen
and the tears begin to glisten,
when you think that your sin,
has taken you again..
so far away..
that's the time most
when He is going to stay.
When you think He doesn't want
because of what you've done,
take Heart, because of the
Love of His Son.

When you feel you can't
speak, and feeling so meek..
because of your sin, that has
choked you again...
think again, and remember
the Cross, and that He did win..
your salvation.

When you've delved into self,
put Him away on a dusty shelf..
in the back of your conscience
Remember He rose, from a grave
used to dispose...
Him into.

They thought that He couldn't..
come back from the dead..
but He did, it is finished..
all done..all said..

So when you think you are dead
to Him, and You Can't possibly see,
how He can still love you...
come to Him and be free.

Ask His forgivness,
despite your sin..
"Father, forgive me..
again, and again.."

Repent, turn away
from what you have done..
try, resist temptation..
and feel the love of the Son.

Because when You Can't..
that's the time that He will..
love you forver..and forever still.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Joseph Trance.
Published on on 12/27/2011.


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