Hans Peter Strassl

A birds tale

Once a little bird was curious
and heard
about great news,
so birds like him loose
their courage in front of trees
they fear even bees.

"What tells the wind from south?",
the eagle opens the mouth

"Forget the dunes,
tell us of runes,
tales of the north!",
the raven shouts forth.

"Tell us please of the news in the West,
forget the Rest!",
confident the falcon says.

to find out, the little bird begged for insight,
but not loud.

"All the directions are always full of new, but
hear we about the east!
Is this way the least?"

Summing up the owl twitters on his tree.

All the birds gone noisy in the forest,
everyone thought he tells news best.

Then the little bird flew a circle and left the wood,
because noone there told anything good.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Hans Peter Strassl.
Published on e-Stories.org on 05/04/2012.


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