Rufus Murry Jr

The Price to Pay

8/1/2012                                                                                                         R.M.J
                                To pay a price to say that I am one of you, then to learn, that it all
                             was a lie told, a fantasy. Fifty percent of what man had taught any outsider
                             or 90% of the outsiders was taught only the basic,s.
                                The price that has been, and they still are paying is gigantic. Those others
                             are charged for them teaching, them the language, the air they breath, the light
                             they see,and many others that they call conviences.
                                So as we stride to acheive, or reach a certain level, there are those around 
                             us, with ledgers billing us each step of the way. So as to continue to surpress us
                             to a nothingless level.
                                To not be from a direct blood line, mean,s, regardless what you or I do your
                             level will never change. It seems Mid-evil,although although it,s still here, a low,
                             level threat.
                                This is what lingers in,that atmosphere. To stay around long enough,to recognize
                             this, is another threat.It is said that to play dumn is the, safest way out of that 
                                So we stride to acheive, a goal a certain level,and then,to be informed, that
                             everyone cann,t be on top,thrown can only hold so many.  The back log is Mid-Evil.
                                So we continue to pay a price, and still we are not one of them.  We are who 
                             has been called Other,s.

                             The Price To Pay; AND STILL NOT BELONG.
                             In Memory Of The Other,s
                             Written By : Mr. Rufus Murry Jr.



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rufus Murry Jr.
Published on on 08/02/2012.


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