Ingrid E. Patrick


I want to run
I want to hide
I want to put all feelings aside.

But all I see
is his face,
and his eyes - looking at me.

I am crying,
I am sighing
I walk the floor,
bang on the door.

But all I see
is his face,
and his eyes - looking at me.

I lose my balance,
have no defence, no chance.
I tell my mind
to take over and find
a solution of any kind.

But my heart is set
tangled up in this net,
feels safe and sound
in being bound.

And all I see
is his face,
his eyes - looking at me.

It took a minute or less
to get me in such a mess.
I saw it coming,
had the urge of running
when I heard him call –
I knew -
I was heading for a fall.

Happy days and tender nights,
his smile about my fights,
his firm embrace,
the closeness of his face -
and the strength in his kiss.
There is so much that I miss.

And then he went away.
Could not stay.
And when he waved good-bye,
I started to cry.

I cry me a river,
tremble and shiver,
feel so forlorn
being torn.

I can’t eat
I can’t sleep
I’m in it so deep.
Can’t concentrate,
am in a paralyzed state.

And all I see
is his face
his eyes - looking at me.

I want him to hold
me close to his heart,
want his arms to unfold
and give feelings a new start.

In my dreams every night
I hold him so tight.
Don’t want to let go.
I still love him so.

He was the love of my life –
and I was his wife.

I know this is not a one-way track.
He does love me back.
If I look at the stars at night –
I can see his light.

I give up,
I give in,
cannot win.
I surrender
to this love
so tender.
Will follow where it leads,
remember this man
for whom my heart beats.

© Patty Patrick
August 3, 2012


Poem - dedicated to my late husband Eddie - The Love Of
My Life
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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ingrid E. Patrick.
Published on on 08/02/2012.


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