James Woods

The Gladiator

I feel my body tremble,
I glance up to the sky,
Another glorious day dawns,
Another chance to die.

I feel the tingle in my skin,
I stand erect and proud,
My body armour shines like gold,
I scan the chanting crowd.

My eyes wander to the gate,
Sun blazes from the east,
I know not which opponent waits,
Be it man or beast.

I check my sabre by my side,
Feel the balance of my spear,
Many such ordeals I have faced,
Each time I chill with fear.

The chanting crowd gets louder,
The far gate opens wide,
My heart is pounding in my throat,
I have no place to hide.

Before me stands my quarry,
Angry tails now lash,
yellow eyes staring wildly,
The lions makes their dash.

I weary at this daily kill,
The hungry beasts draw near,
Once more in self-protection,
I kill with thrust of spear.

‘Tis pleasure to the cheering mob,
Around the arena I stride,
I’ve been spared another day,
Again I have death defied.

What shall the morrow bring,
Will it be my time to go?
The question remains unanswered,
That I will never know.

©B J Woods March 2004

All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of James Woods.
Published on e-Stories.org on 06/22/2004.


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