Saanika Amembal


                                                                               YOU ...                             

when life shuts all its doors
when the medicine cannot cure the soars
when below the gusty sky the midnight wave roars
its you among the fewest of the few
who can change my tears into dew
when rocks obstruct the swiftly flowing stream
when the suns seems to have lost its gleam
when things are far from what they seem
its you who can transform to reality from dream
its you over me like a sunbeam
now i promise never to leave your hand
when the sun limitlessly heats up the sand
we will effortlessly pass through life's cruel test
well leave it to destiny to decide the rest!!!!
-saanika amembal..dedicated to YOU!!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Saanika Amembal.
Published on on 11/29/2012.


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