Steven Craft


I will remember
our first date

I will remember
your first kiss

my shining star

I will remember
I felt we're the ones

I will see
my first love to you

my bliss

I walk the desert
I swim the ocean
I climb the mountains
I cross every valley
I drive the streets
rise the clouds

YOU set me free
YOU shelter me

I wanna love you
'til the end of time
I wanna stay
with you all my life
I wanna die
for you
I wanna fly

to be with you

You came and wash away the rain
You gonna dry my tears of pain

Someone must have sent
you from heaven
to get to you

I love you


Nachsatz: Manchmal oder meistens reichen Worte nicht aus, egal in welcher Sprache, das auszudrücken, was man sagen möchte. Darum ein Neuversuch der Wortfindung an einen Engel Namens Anja, der alles verändert hat.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Steven Craft.
Published on on 05/23/2013.


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