Benjamin Tamboer

Midnight Queen (lyrics)

Don't cry, you know that that's just s***
Don't fly from this dark, tempting pit
Although it may not seem to fit
When your dreams are so full of it

This life, I thrive and live along
I drink, I think and sing my song
I jive, I dive in all night long
I wink, I sink and nothing's wrong

Highlight joy, hey shake and dance
The hour's late in liquid trance
Twilight boy, now grab your chance
Devour fate in ill romance

Don't cry, you know it's just a show
Don't fly, there's nowhere to go
Although you are a little slow
You'll find your way through in this flow

This life, you'll thrive and live along
You'll drink, you'll think, and sing my song
You'll jive, you'll dive in all night long
You'll wink, you'll sink, naught will be wrong

Highlight boy, hey shake and dance
The hour's due in liquid trance
Twilight toy, I'll grab my chance
Devour you in ill romance
Copyright 2005, Hurretje


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Benjamin Tamboer.
Published on on 12/09/2005.


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