Marc Backhaus

The Order of the Popicorns

The Popicorns are a funny breed of whom you may have heard.

They're unicorns with popcorn hooves which I think is absurd.

Still you can really see them by the mountains round 'bout lunch,

(you'll recognize them easily, their gallop is a crunch.)

They're simple folk, and silent too, except, of course, their hooves,

but then at closer observation each one of them grooves.

They twist so funky,

even the monkey

gets jealous of their skills.

Their look is cool

(for that's their tool)

as if they paid no bills.

Their groove is so enormous – YOW!, that everyone adores

this creature of a special kind not so unlike the horse.

But just one thing is curious and gives their groove a border:

it's just their funny way to keep all of their food in order.

They have each leaf of grass, whatever colour it may be,

accordingly recorded on a list that brings them glee.

Excruciating as it is, what with their list of things,

one must never forget

-and if you did, undo it yet!-

what joy this creature brings.

Cause in the end, now, my dear friend, what counts the most, that I shall proove:

the Popicorns with popcorn hooves, they make your body funk,

and if you don't believe me then just toss this to your junk,

but you can't stop the tickling JEOWS!, making your body wildly move,

yes, Popicorns, oh Popicorns, we love thee for thy GROOVE!!!


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Marc Backhaus.
Published on on 07/05/2013.


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