Johanna Döttelmayer

Without You [Escapism - Part 2]

We both slept on the floor

Just watched you smiling

Like I've never seen you before


The curtain falls down again

And I know who we are

I found peace in myself again

I love who we are


Cigarette-kisses on the walls

A sign of letting go

The sun feels warmer than it has ever felt

And I know I will go this far



And I say...

Would you mind to stay with me

Everytime we drive in the car

Would you dare to go down with me

'Cause without you it'd be hard


(So tell me)

Would you ever stay with me

(Will ever stay) through out the dark

Would you mind to stay with me

'Cause without you I know it'd be hard



Now this old house is empty

These rooms are on sale

Hours to tell the tales

of past, of truth and lives

the truth about me

about me



And did I ever ask...

Would you stay with me

While driving in the car

This road could be tough for me

But I wanna get this far


Lights will show

If you'll stay with me

And if we really can get this far

Reach out your hands and you'll never be

alone in the dark...





All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Johanna Döttelmayer.
Published on on 11/21/2013.


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