Adriana Fernandez

Meetings and Kidnappings

Characters: Detective Juliet Beckett, Ethan Spencer, Jake Morgan, Emily Spencer, Chief Hunter
Plot: When a 2 year old girl goes missing Detective Juliet Beckett and mystery novelist Ethan Spencer partner up to find the girl before it’s too late.

Chapter 1: The Case
Detective Juliet Beckett walked into the NYPD 12th Precinct. She had just finished a messy case where a husband had killed his wife to have an affair with her sister. She got to her desk and slumped down on her chair. She laid her head back on her comfortable, smooth chair and closed her eyes. She started to think about the recent cases she had been on. She was so stressed she couldn’t wait to get home, take a bubble bath and read some of her favorite novels. She could already imagine the calming water, making small waves on her skin as she sank deeper into the tub. She could imagine herself in her large, comfortable bed with her favorite book in hand, turning the pages to see what would happen next. She could already feel herself drifting off by imagining all of these amazing, relaxing things. She was so tired she could have fallen asleep instantly until Detective Jake Morgan showed up. Her thoughts and plans were all gone in a second as he told her the next words.
“We got a new case.” he said. She quickly opened her eyes and looked at him astonished.
“Already?” said Juliet surprised and confused that she had gotten a case minutes after she had closed another one.
“Yeah it’s about a missing girl. She got kidnapped while her father was painting and the mother was sleeping” explained Jake.
“Where’s the crime scene?” she asked while getting her jacket from her chair.
“199 Arch Street. Here.” He said while giving her the case file. She quickly opened it and read through it carefully. She was about to leave when he said something else that surprised her more.
“Oh and before you go the Chief said he wanted to speak to you about something very important.” Juliet was confused for a moment but went to the Chief’s office. She knocked before she entered.
“Detective Morgan said you wanted to see me? Beckett asked to Chief Hunter.
The Chief was sitting in his chair as usual and he was smiling. In front of the Chief’s desk there were 2 chairs and in one of the chairs, there was a man sitting there, smiling like he had just won the lottery. He had shining green eyes that were currently filled with excitement. His mouth was curved into a big smile as he looked at her. His dark brown hair was luxuriant, tidy and coiffed. Something about him seemed familiar to Juliet, like she had seen him before.
“Sit down please.” said the Chief as he pointed to the chair that was next to the mysterious man. Juliet sat down in the chair next to the man. She looked at the man for a moment, who was still smiling and then turned her gaze back at the Chief.
“I’m sure you’re wondering why you’re here?” said Chief Hunter. Juliet nodded in agreement.
“This is Ethan Spencer, I’m sure you’ve heard of his books before?” explained the Chief.
“Wait THE Ethan Spencer? The one who wrote all those mystery murder books?” asked Juliet, stunned. She finally knew why he looked so familiar. She had seen his face so many times at the back of his novels when she had finished reading them. She was surprised that she hadn’t recognized him when she had saw him.
“I see I have a fan!” said Ethan. Embarrassed Juliet lied and said “No I’ve just heard of your books.” But Ethan just kept smiling, like he knew she was lying.
“Ethan is here because he needs an inspiration for his next novel and because he’s a friend of the mayor.” Said Chief Hunter.
“What do you mean an inspiration?” asked Juliet slightly confused.
“He wants to base his next book on you.” explained the Chief. Juliet was very surprised. She couldn’t believe that mystery novelist Ethan Spencer wanted to base a book on her.
“Well?” asked the Chief.
“What is he supposed to do?” she asked back.
“Well I’m sure you don’t mind him tagging along on one of your cases, right?” said the Chief.
“Actually I do mind.” said Juliet. “He’ll probably interrupt while we’re apprehending the suspect.” She added
“Well I’m sorry to say, but it’s an order from the mayor.” He declared. Detective Beckett sighed. She knew this was going to be a long case.
“Fine but I swear if he messes up this case in any way then I’ll kick him out.” said Beckett.
“Deal” said Ethan before the captain could respond. Beckett nodded. They both got up and walked towards the door.
“Oh and Detective Beckett” said Chief Hunter freezing Juliet in her spot. She turned to face him “find the person who did this.” he said.
Juliet sighed in relief and nodded. She turned back around and walked out the office with Ethan right on her heels.
Chapter 2: Leads
“So what’s our first move?” asked Ethan. His bright green eyes were excited and anxious, waiting for an answer.
“Calm down Sherlock, we’re just going to visit the scene.” she said.
“Cool! My first real crime scene! Is there going to be blood, a dead body?” he asked as they both got into the elevator to go down. Beckett rolled her eyes at his comment.
“No it’s just a kidnapping of a 2 year old girl. She went missing while her dad was painting in his room and the mother was sleeping.” she told him.
“Ooh, mystery and suspense! Perfect for my books!” Ethan said. The drive only took 10 minutes. While they were driving there Ethan kept asking questions about her previous cases and how she had become a cop. When he asked why she had become a Detective she stayed silent. When they got to the apartment, the door had a crime scene tape. They went under it and kept walking. When they got to the living room they saw a woman crying and holding a tissue to her eyes. A man was behind her trying to comfort her. The windows to the apartment were open. Ethan was looking at everything around him. It looked like he was trying to remember every single detail of the house. While they were approaching her Beckett whispered in Ethan’s ear.
“I meant what I said back at the precinct.”
Ethan just nodded. Beckett went up to the woman and introduced herself.
“Hello Mrs. Garcia, I’m Detective Beckett, NYPD.”
In between sniffles the woman said “Hello Detective Beckett. I’m Sophia. This is Christopher, my husband.” she said pointing to the man sitting next to her.
“Have you found anything on Emma?” said Christopher, with a look of worry on his eyes. He looked as if he had been crying and was still trying to hold back tears.
“No, I’m really sorry Mr. Garcia, but I promise I will do everything in my power to find your daughter and the person who did this.” said Beckett and she meant it.
“Why would anyone do this? said Sophia sobbing into her husband’s arms.
“That’s what we’re trying to figure out” said Beckett as she pulled out a chair and sat in front of Sophia. “Have you noticed anyone acting strange around you lately, following you or threatening you? asked Beckett. Sophia shook her head.
“Is there anyone else that has access to your apartment?” Beckett asked again.
“No, no one else except my husband, my sister and me.” she said.
“But there was that guy threatening you at your old job.” said Christopher. Sophia got a bit nervous but spoke.
“Uh, there was this guy who was stealing things from the company and I reported him. After that he lost his job, wife and … his 4 year old daughter.” she said, the idea dawning on her that he could have taken her daughter for revenge. Beckett realized this too.
“We’re gonna need his name.” said Ethan before Beckett could say anything.
“His name is Donny Miller.” she answered.
“Thank you.” said Ethan and Juliet at the same time. When they got out of the building Beckett turned to Ethan and said “What was that back in there?”
“What do you mean?” he said.
“You asked a question I was supposed to ask.” she declared with an angry look in her hazel eyes.
“Well technically I was just said what you were gonna say.” Ethan said with a sheepish tone. Beckett just rolled her eyes.
“I already hate you.” she said. She knew she didn’t mean it and that she was kidding but he was acting like a 9 year old, and he was getting on her nerves.
“Oh come on that’s harsh, you know you love me, deep,deep,deep,deep down.” Ethan said with a smile on his face.
“In your dreams, Sherlock. Come one lets go find our suspect.” she said as she got in the car and started it. He got in as well. Beckett called Jake and told him the name of their suspect. A couple minutes later he gave them an address. They drove through the New York streets and finally got to the address they were given. The place looked like a haunted house. The door was made of iron, most of the windows were shattered and it was deserted with no people or cars.
“Think this is a good place to keep a little girl?” Beckett asked to Ethan.
“If I were a kidnapper then this would be a perfect place to hide somebody.” he said. He looked up at the tall building and tried to remember everything he saw. Juliet drew out her gun and got ready to kick down the door. with one swift move and extreme force she lifted up her leg and kicked the door down. She quickly went in with Ethan right behind her. Inside the building there was nothing, just a few boxes that looked like they hadn’t been touched in years.
“Looks like he’s not here.” Beckett said with a sigh as she put her gun down.
“It’s probably a fake address.” said Ethan, bummed that they hadn’t found anything. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a slight movement. He turned to see and saw that there was a dark shadow moving behind the boxes.
“Beckett” he whispered softly to her. She turned her head towards him. He pointed to the boxes and when she looked she immediately saw the shadow too.  She nodded and slowly started walking towards the boxes. When she was near, all of the sudden somebody jumped out behind the boxes, knocking them down in front of Juliet and took off running towards the door.
Chapter 3: Interrogations and Chases
“He’s getting away!” yelled Ethan. Beckett didn’t even hear him because she was already chasing the man that was running. They both came out the back door. They looked to their left and saw nothing but when they looked to their right they saw a bald man, with a black jacket running at full speed down the street. Beckett immediately ran after him with immense speed, while Ethan ran behind her with much less speed thinking about how he was going to write this part for his book. Of course Beckett was way faster than the man and when she caught up to him she grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him against the building. She took out her handcuffs and handcuffed him.
“Donny Miller, your under arrest for the kidnapping of Emma Garcia.” said Beckett.
“I didn’t do it!” pleaded Donny.
“Sure you didn’t,.” replied Beckett with a roll of her eyes. Ethan finally caught up and smiled as he saw that Juliet had already caught and handcuffed the guy. After they got him back to the car they drove back to the Precinct. When they got back Detective Morgan took him to the interrogation room. Juliet and Ethan went to the board where they kept information of all the suspects and victims of the case. Detective Morgan came out and told them everything he got on Donny Miller.
“Looks like he has a record. 5 months ago he was caught trying to steal a diamond ring from a jewelry store. Then a few months ago Sophia filed a report against him saying that he was stealing things from the company and after that his wife filed some divorce papers and he lost custody of his 4 year old child.”
“So he had months to plan how to kidnap Emma.” explained Beckett.
“So he realized he lost everything because of Sophia, finally snapped and then kidnapped Emma.” said Ethan.
“He has motive. Ethan and I will interrogate him.” said Beckett to Jake. He nodded and left. Ethan and Juliet started walking towards the interrogation room.
“Ready for your first interrogation?” asked Beckett, curious.
“I’ve never been more excited! I’ve always wanted to see how a Detective interrogates their suspect!” said Ethan jumping up and down with excitement.  Juliet smiled at how excited. They went inside the interrogation room and sat down in the two chairs. The room was white with a one-view mirror in the back so the other Detectives or the Chief could see the interrogation. In the middle of the room there was a table with one chair at one side, for the suspect and two chairs at the other side for the Detectives. Donny’s eyes were filled with anger.
“Where is she Donny?” asked Beckett.
“Who?” he asked back. Beckett sighed before talking again.
“This girl” she said while sliding a picture of Emma “went missing while her parents were distracted. Nobody else had motive to take her but you. Sophia filed a report against you and you lost your job, your wife and your 4 year old daughter. You had time to plan your revenge on Sophia and kidnap Emma.” explained Beckett. Donny was in shock. After a few moments he shook his head and responded.
“No… no, I would never do that. I was mad at Sophia but I wouldn’t kidnap her daughter.”
“Then why did you run?” asked Ethan.
“Because I thought my wife had said something to get me arrested.” He explained.
“Well then, where were you this morning around 9:00 AM?” asked Juliet to Donny.
“Uh, I was at my sister’s house.” he answered.
“So if we called her, would she confirm this?” asked Beckett. Donny nodded.
“Well then, that’s enough for now. We will come back if we have more questions.” said Beckett. Donny nodded again. Ethan and Juliet got up from their chairs and walked out of the interrogation room.
“Jake can you call the sister to see if Donny was actually there?” Beckett asked to Jake.
“Sure, I’ll do it right now.” He said and left to make the phone call. Beckett sighed and looked at the evidence board. After a few minutes Jake came back and said that the sister had confirmed that Donny was at her place this morning. She nodded and looked back at the board.
“Who else would want to harm Emma or Sophia?” asked Beckett.
“I’m not sure. Look I have to go back home to write what I’ve seen, since its still fresh in my mind.” He explained. She barely paid attention to what he said but nodded, lost in thought. Ethan turned around and walked out of the Precinct. He drove back to his loft and went inside. On his green couch was his daughter, Emily. She was reading a book. Her long brown hair was tied into a ponytail. He had Emily when he was with his ex-wife Olivia but they had gotten divorced partly because they didn’t have anything in common but mostly because she was crazy.
“Hi Emily.” Ethan said with a smile on his face.
“Hey dad” she responded, smiling back at him.
“What are you reading?” he asked, curious about the book that was in her hands.
“I’m reading your first novel.” she said.
“Oh, I remember that. It was called Stormfall.” he answered.
“Yeah. Are you going to keep writing your new book?” she asked.
“Yes I am. I was just about to write about a case where a girl goes missing from her home mysteriously and when Detective Scarlett Brooke tries to investigate, the CIA block her out of the case. Determined to solve the case she partners up with a writer named Aaron Stone to help her find out the truth about the missing girl.” he finishes with a smile.
“Is that what your case is about? A missing girl?” asked Emily.
“Yeah it’s about a missing two year old who got taken while her parents were distracted but we’ve looked into every possible lead and we’ve found nothing.” said Ethan, disappointed.
“Well I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Remember when I was five years old and I couldn’t go anywhere without my stuffed tiger because I would cry?” she asked him while laughing. Ethan smiled and answered.
“Yeah I remember but in this case the girl went everywhere with a stuffed lion.” he said while too. Then suddenly he stopped. Emily stopped too, looking at her dad with a worried face.
“Is something wrong?” asked Emily.
“That’s it, that’s the key!” he said getting up from the couch. Ethan closed his eyes and memorized everything he had seen since they got to the mother’s apartment. He remembered the photos on the shelf and saw photos of the whole family and the girl with the stuffed lion in her arms. In every picture she was holding the lion. Then he replayed the crime scene but there was no stuffed lion. So the kidnapper must have known the child well enough to know that the child would cry without it. This is what he loved so much about his photographic memory. He then replayed what the parents had told them and he remembered that the mother had said that the sister also had access to the apartment. He laughed again, realizing he had figured out who the kidnapper was.
“Thank you so much!” he said to Emily kissing the top of her head.
“I’ll call you later!” said Ethan while running out of his loft. Emily just sat there confused at what she had helped him with but happy too.
Chapter 4: Figuring Everything Out
Ethan drove back to the Precinct. He saw Beckett sitting at her desk with her face in her hands. He ran towards her and yelled “I know who the kidnapper is!” She turned around and was surprised to see him and because of what he had just said. She stood up quickly as he got to her desk.
“What do you mean you know who the kidnapper is?” she asked him. He explained everything he had figured out about the stuffed animal and when he finished she looked up at him with wide eyes. She was stunned but smiled at him. She didn’t think he would be able to figure it out. He smiled back at her.
“But why did she do it? she asked.
“Let’s go find out!” he said with a smile on his face. The drove to the sister’s address and found the room she was living in. Beckett knocked on the door and yelled
“Lisa Moore, this is Detective Beckett, NYPD, open the door.” From inside she heard rustling and then a baby’s cry. Beckett heard it and got ready to kick down the door and for the second time that day she lifted her leg and kicked the door down with extreme force. The door came down easily, wood splintering all over the place. She went inside quickly just in time to see Lisa trying to get out through the fire escape. Beckett cocked her gun and said “You make one more move towards that window and I will shoot.”
Lisa put Emma down and put her hands in the air. Beckett handcuffed her while Ethan picked up Emma, and her stuffed lion and gave it to her. He smiled at how happy she looked with her stuffed lion.
“Lisa Moore, your under arrest for the kidnapping of Emma Garcia.” said Beckett.
Chapter 5: Case Closed
Juliet and Ethan drove to Sophia’s apartment. Emma was in the backseat with her seatbelt on, playing with her stuffed lion. They had arrested Lisa and interrogated her. She had told them everything. She had told them who was really behind the kidnapping and even though she wasn’t the one who planned it, she had still gone along with it and for that she would spend years in prison. They arrived at the building and went up to Sophia’s apartment. Ethan knocked on the door. A few seconds later Christopher opened the door. When he saw Emma he laughed, picked her up and spun her around.
“Thank you so much Detectives! I don’t know how I could ever repay you!” said Christopher. Beckett smiled and said “May we come in? We want to speak with you and Sophia.”
“Of course!” he said with a big smile. When they went inside they saw Sophia sitting in a chair near the table. When Sophia saw Emma she didn’t react the way Beckett thought she would. Instead of hugging her Emma, she just sat there in shock and Beckett and Ethan knew why.
“Honey, what are you doing? Emma’s back! Come hug her!” said Christopher, confused that she wasn’t hugging her daughter at all after she was kidnapped.
“You didn’t expect to see her so soon did you, Sophia.” said Beckett. Sophia just looked at the floor. A police officer came and took Emma away from Christopher’s arms. He was so confused at what was happening.
“You had Lisa climb through that window” she said pointing at the window Lisa had come through “and kidnap your own daughter.” Beckett said with an angry and stern voice. Christopher just stared, wide eyed, unable to speak.
“It wasn’t like that!” yelled Sophia. “Every day I’ve been working 24 hours straight so we could have a life! I actually had a job, while all he did was paint!” she yelled even more.
“That doesn’t give you the right to kidnap your own daughter!” said Juliet.
“How is it kidnapping! She’s mine!” Sophia said.
“Your husband didn’t know about it, that means you disrespected his custodial rights!” explained Juliet.
“Custodial rights?! Every day he would put her in front of that TV and I would wake up to the sound of her crying because he would be blasting the house with music while he painted!” Sophia’s eyes were red.
“Why didn’t you just divorce him?” asked Ethan.
“Because if I did he would get half of everything! He would get the apartment I pay for! Then he would get custody of Emma because I would be too busy at work all the time! ”
“So by kidnapping Emma while he was in charge of her, you would get the custody because he would be an irresponsible father.” said Ethan, finally understanding why she had done it. Christopher had tears rolling down his eyes. His eyes showed pain.
“How could you hate me so much?” he asked to Sophia.
“You made it easy” she replied with anger in her tone. Beckett handcuffed her. The handcuffs sank deep into Sophia’s wrist as she was handed over to the officers. Juliet went to Christopher and said “I’m really sorry. If you ever need help just give us a call.” Cristopher nodded. Ethan smiled at Juliet’s kindness. Juliet and Ethan left the apartment. When Beckett got back to the Precinct, she slumped in her chair. Now she really wanted to go home and get some sleep. Then Ethan came and sat down in the chair next to her desk. She sighed.
“Tough case.” said Ethan with a sigh himself. He was so tired and this was only his first case. He couldn’t wait until the next one.
“Yeah I just can’t believe she would kidnap her own daughter.” said Beckett still surprised at what Sophia had done.
“Yeah me neither. That’s like saying Olivia would kidnap Emily… which actually could happen.” he said. She smiled at his joke. She had come to like Ethan even if he was annoying at times but she wasn’t going to admit to that.
“Thanks.” She said to him.
“For what?” he asked curious at what he had helped with.
“For helping me out with this case. I wouldn’t have been able to solve it without you” she said with a smile. He smiled back at her. “and if you tell anyone I said this to you there will be a shooting in this Precinct.” she added. He fake zippered his mouth. He smiled as he realized he had gotten to meet a side of Juliet Beckett that most people hadn’t and he couldn’t wait to learn more about her.
“Well I’m exhausted.” he said getting up from the chair.
“See you tomorrow?” he asked with hope in his voice.
“See you tomorrow, Sherlock.” She answered as she went back to doing paperwork from the case. Ethan went back to his loft. When he entered he saw Emily fast asleep on the couch. Papers were scattered across the table and she was holding a book about Greek Mythology. He smiled as he grabbed a big blanket and covered her with it. he gently kissed the top of her head and went back to his office to start writing. After a while his eyes got heavier and heavier until he decided to go to bed, waiting for the next day to come.

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All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Adriana Fernandez.
Published on on 12/02/2013.


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