Sinem Sezen


Though I am so tired,
canít fall asleep...
Night after night,
kept in your blinding light;
it is your love I try to reap!

You donít have the right
to make me feel that weak...
Tell me,
why do you do this to me?

Though I am so love-starved,
canít help refusing every single bite,
nourishing me with fake desire; skin-deep...
Night after night,
caught in a desperate inner fight-
whether I should turn away from you
or just run into you...
It is your melting gaze, oh so steep!-
that makes my eyes glow so bright-
and turns me into your eternal freak...

Tell me,
donít you give me the right
to dare the decisive leap-
out of this demonic dark
intimately into your desolate heart?
If not,
why do you do this to me?


Though I am so doomed,
canít tell your blood not to seep,
night after night,
through my innocent body and mind-
canít foreclose another open wound,
being awake to having to rely on your blood
that it can befoul and clot mine...
Still, it is solely your enchanting presence
that fulfills me with deep appetence-
and turns me into your willing convict...

Do you think your charm gives you the right
to make me feel that rhapsodic and numb...
Suffering this contrast bath, grasped only by an addict
Trembling with your suffocating longing-
Aching up to my bones to make love with you-
Dying for one fatal kiss of this lips-
Hoping to break your spell; like this...
Tell me,
if you do not want me as bad as I do,
then, why do you do this to me?

Though I am so resigned,
canít fall asleep...
Still waiting,
night after night,
for my saving
It is you, my beloved
who takes me up to heaven and lets me creep
my way through hell, so horrid...

And ONLY YOU have the right
to make me your subject in this state of mind
Tell me,
do you understand me now when I am saying,
I am drearily in love with you...

If not,


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sinem Sezen.
Published on on 06/29/2006.


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