Rolph David

It's All Borrowed!

In this beautiful world, it's all on loan,

Each treasure, each fortune, all brightly shone.

Wealth and money, every gleeful hour,

Borrowed from fate, a temporal flower.


One day we'll depart, our riches behind,

Leaving all things, to the past, confined.

A thousand beautiful things we behold,

Yearning for more, both the young and the old.


Good and expensive, desires run high,

People chase pleasures that money can buy.

Yet, in the grand scheme, it's futile, we see,

For everything stays, but for a brief spree.


Each soul harbours ambition within,

Striving for more, life's sweetest origin.

Creating, grasping, life's essence we chase,

Yet, what does it gain us, in the grand embrace?


All the earth's treasures, by fate bequeathed,

Temporary gifts, soon to be sheathed.

Worthless, in the grand scheme, they'll become,

As we journey through life, to the beat of its drum.


So cherish each day, anticipate the morrow,

No one knows what the future may borrow.

Find joy in the small things, beyond mere gold,

In this beautiful world, our stories unfold.


It's all borrowed, here under the sky,

A reminder to cherish, before saying goodbye.

In this beautiful world, where dreams are unfurled,

Remember, it's all on loan, our precious world.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 10/30/2023.


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