Rolph David

Be More Grateful!

In life's grand tapestry we find our way,
If food's in the fridge, clothes we don each day,
A roof above, a place to rest at night,
We're richer than most, that's the simple sight.

With money in your wallet, freedom's call,
To wander where you please, to stand tall,
In riches, now, the fortunate few reside,
In wealth's embrace, with joy as their guide.

But if good health is in your grasp today,
You're luckier still, in every single way,
For millions face the shadow of death's door,
In health, we find blessings, a treasure to explore.

Life's essence isn't constant fret or strife,
It's happiness, good health, and a grateful life,
Wealth may be a lot, that much is true,
But satisfaction, in abundance, it shall accrue.

In this rhythmic dance, where we all partake,
Remember, it's health that's truly at stake,
Wealth is a lot, a fleeting, earthly bling,
But satisfaction, and health, are everything.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 11/03/2023.


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