Sophie Rebholz

you angel

 You Angel



Every day, I must think of you


And cannot let it be


Itīs true!


- but you didnīt see!



There are so strong feelings


I feel for this man


I have to do much of things


But because of my despair I do not can!



In my heart you are like a rose


So dear and handsome


And it grows and grows!


But when so crazy I become…



… I totally loose my mind!


And then it comes… the great fancy!


Itīs a big kind…


>> of love – but then I got much lonely



Because of you, I often get mad


I wonīt believe the reality


And in the end, iīm so sad


That the next days I donīt get happy



You are like dope


That I must take all minute


And there was a hope…


A little bit.



But it goes away


I wonīt believe it!


But on this day,


I realize it!



It was a day, full of pain


I cannot forget you, never!


Since that day, it falls rain…


… in my life >> for ever!



Because I love you


You donīt know that


… but itīs through


And so sad…!



Because it hasnīt got one chance


You givenīt it!


And it was the last dance…


For my hope >> you kill it!



But I always will remember…


My heart is a place for you!


And I love the 18. November…


(this day, god said:)


“I must make an angel >> I have a lot to do!



All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Sophie Rebholz.
Published on on 08/24/2007.


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