Pamela Pradt

The greatest thing...

I`m standing outside in the cold,

Looking at the black sky,

The full moon`s only light,

Reflecting in the snow,

letting the ground glow white.

The wind makes my skin shiver,

I can see myself breathing.

It is quiet.


As tears start rolling down my cheeks,

leaving wet little trails on my skin,

like hot water in the snow.

Warm as they touch my lips,

like I used to touch yours.

Salty as I taste them with my tongue,

like I used to taste your skin.

Pictures flashing through my mind,

Candle light, champagne,

You holding my hand.

I can feel my stomach cramping,

- Painfully now.

While I see how you look in my eyes,

Making me feel butterflies inside,

Saying "I love you!"

Your words were touching

My heart,

My soul,

My all.

You made me whole,

with all you had.

You made me love,

with all my heart.

For the first time in my life.

But not for the last.

I know what I can give now.

And I know what I do need now.

NOW I know

the greatest thing I ever learned

Is to love

But be loved in return!



written by Pamela A. Pradt  - 2002


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Pamela Pradt.
Published on on 09/13/2007.


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