Susanne Bruschke

Cross the line

This young cop, he came, knocked onher door
With so sad eyes, telling nothings like before
It was his first day, he mentioned to her
She answered him with some words, kind and fair
"Please dont say sorry, when people die
And dont worry about a sudden goodbye
Such things are happen - its not your fault
You do your job and thats more worth than gold
Life will come and life will go
All between these two points is just a show
Sureley youll believe now, Im cold as ice
But wait only a second and dont despise
My attitude to any dark dead
If anyone died by violent hands or peacefully in bed
I cant feel the sadness you talk about
I wont fall down on my knees or cry very loud
Nothing could change through an action like that
So I accept it and I dont feel too bad"
This cop, he left her, there was another call
He kicked her words away like a dirty old ball
Now he works for a unit of crime scene investigation
Sometimes he smiles quietly: No big sensation


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Susanne Bruschke.
Published on on 08/19/2008.


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