Hicham Kassi

why donīt confess to you?

Why don't i confess to you
What can i say to you
I arrived to the end of the year
What happened between us yesterday
We did not know each

Today i am going to confess
What can i say to you my sunshine
Your beauty attracts my eyes and my heart
What can i say to you ?...
I begin to think of you
It is the beginning of the difficulties
To confess to you

I stand up a little thinking from
Where i can begin to confess...
Is that from the first meeting...
Is that from the first sight...
Is that from the first greeting...
Or is that from the first smile ?
I don't know
Why i talk to myself ?
Why don't i come and confess to you ?!
It is life..
It is love
It is friendship
I go back to my memories
It comes different
From time to time
From moment to moment
Between past, present and future
No that girl

Why do you punish me like this ?
I feel something in your eyes
From the beginning
It is love towards me
Oh ! the present shows us
What does the past hide ?
And what is coming in the future
Yes..i am going to confess to you
What i suffer from
Because of

You made of me another person
You freed me from one world to another
After i didn't know anything
You taught me from your
Sight, your smile
How do i feel the love towards you
You taught me from your strong words
And different opinions how to choose you

Yes, of course it is love
Yesterday, i was heedless of you
I didn't know who you are or even
Your name
Which takes part in my life
But as time elapses, and permanent
Meetings and hot discussions
I discovered your taugh character
It is a rare character
It makes everybody admire it
Yes..you make me feel something that
I did not feel before
And as time goes by, i become a prisoner
In your love
And doing nothing
Just thinking of you
I still remember when i saw
Your picture for the first time
You were beautiful...
So for you my soul
And for who gives you to me
In this life your charm
And from flowers your perfume
I love you

Yes it is love
Which is translated by papers
Because my tongue is unable
To say that i love you
But if love is by papers
I would write to you by all papers of this world
But the love is by heart and mind
And my heart is
Nearby you always
Telling you that
Don't tell me why did you confess
Because i am not allowed to confess.

     ( iam Hicham from Morocco my emails: luckier_ [at] hotmail.com / hicham_88 [at] yahoo.fr for everyone to contact me)


All rights belong to its author. It was published on e-Stories.org by demand of Hicham Kassi.
Published on e-Stories.org on 11/15/2008.


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