Andy Klemm

Cold kisses

Bat like hanging from your ceiling,
my mouth on water, this hungry feeling,
as I watched you lay  to sleep,
a prayer to god,  your soul to keep.
Your soft white skin embraced by satin,
your closed blue eyes beyond comparison,
your scent consuming my every sense,
a painting in flesh of midnight romance.
I hung above your bed for many hours,
consuming this sight, restraining my powers,
imagined how your taste would be,
nutrasweet crimson sin craved to feed.
But your face as perfect as no other,
held me back, forced me to suffer,
that hunger for blood, that pain inside,
that voice which lured me into the night.
Tell me to crave once more for your neck,
that warmth of your body, your hair so black,
your breast so arousing, your legs so tempting
that wish to love you through nights never ending.
But I ignored the whispers in my sick mind,
and couldn´t stop watching you sleep all night.
As the sun woke up from it´s daily sleep
and I was still hanging, bedazzled from my needs.
And my lips began to move and words took there shape,
I whispered “I loved you” and couldn´t escape
the first ray of sunlight consuming me whole,
and turned me to dust and freed my damned soul.
And never you´ll know it was I whom you kissed,
in your sleep lost in dreams, slumbering bliss.
And now that I´m gone, the vampire that loved you,
you are free from my spell, that bat hung above you.
But maybe one night in a dream grown on emotion
you´ll remember me still and feel my devotion,
hear my heart beating in wishes for you
and feel these cold kisses like a sweet déjà vu.


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Andy Klemm.
Published on on 01/07/2011.


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