Ingrid E. Patrick



I think about him day and night.
Wish he wouldn’t have to fight
a war in a land
where he doesn’t understand
the language that is spoken,
to pick up pieces that are broken,
where missing comprehension
leads to deadly tension.
My husband is a soldier
with a gun over his shoulder.
It is not for his protection,
he has no right for objection,
must follow orders
to cross foreign borders.
If it was up to him
and he could do something,
he would turn the knob
and stop this fighting job.
I miss him so much.
The only way to stay in touch
is the monthly call
and the letters we write all.
After what he’s seen
he will be torn between
dividing an enemy from a friend –
between trust and misunderstand.
He will cry at night in dreams,
will see the terrible scenes
over and over again,
the government has put him in.
What have they done?
This battle cannot be won!
Destroying lives and everyone involved
without the problem being solved.
Every day is full of fear –
for us over here,
for him to survive
and to stay alive.
I’m longing for the day
when he comes home to stay,
It will be difficult, I know.
But because I love him so
and with God’s help combined -
we will one day leave it all behind.

© Patty Patrick


All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Ingrid E. Patrick.
Published on on 03/24/2012.


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