Rolph David

Love With Obstacles

A fish and a bird, love's call they heed,
Two worlds apart, yet drawn to each's need.
They ponder where their future shall derive,
In air, in water, how can love survive?

The fish, a fly fish, can leave the lake's embrace,
For fleeting moments, in the open space.
The bird, a master of the sky so wide,
Can dive in water, in the gentle tide.

With hope and longing, they seek a way,
To blend their lives, to find a path to stay.
In compromise and union, let them strive,
In love's sweet dance, where both will come alive.

For on the water's edge, their love shall dwell,
A world between, where their hearts will swell.
In each other's presence, they'll find their peace,
A love that transcends, a bond that'll never cease.

All rights belong to its author. It was published on by demand of Rolph David.
Published on on 10/21/2023.


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