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Short Stories and Novels Christmas (english)

Title Author:
A Christmas GiftBill Kamen
Boy can't get enough of Christmas storyGreg Miller
Christmas SongKaren Halloway
Christmas StoryJames Woods
Cold DecemberMadeleine Richey
Creepy Christmas...?Meike Schrut
Enlightenment from Jesus┤s Birth-dateAndrew Tan
Family celebratesdifferent kind of ChristmasGreg Miller
Family Christmas ReunionJoseph Trance
Family discusses location of Christmas vacationGreg Miller
Family ministers through Christmas fundraising effortsGreg Miller
Holidays plan annual reunionGreg Miller
Kids accompany Santa on Christmas Eve tripGreg Miller
King of Things, A Christmas StoryJoseph Trance
Marcy┤s Special DayMarilyn Janson
Months debate their importanceGreg Miller
Not a really quit silent nightKlaus-Peter Behrens
Reporter, interviewee decide to open Christmas-themed businesGreg Miller
Starlite's ChristmasElizabeth Young
The GiftKaren Halloway
Traveling Through ChristmasElizabeth Young