Short Stories and Novels Politics & Society (english)

Title Author:
#MeTooRobert Zabek
Europe2015+2023_Refugees+Asylanten:Group2_UNWORLDLY CHAOTEN Harry Schlo▀macher
Fiction: The Confederate Reincarnation ChurchAndre M. Pietroschek
For dinner with your executionerAlexander Piepenhagen
Forget UFOs,TVAncientAliens+TERRA ETexperiences of all kinds!Harry Schlo▀macher
Harsh Words, Fiercer Deeds - The Shadow's Kiss - D&D Tale 2Andre M. Pietroschek
I'd kill the Son of BitchJohn Robinson
If winter comes, can spring be far behind?Adrian Hickey
my mind fly to utopiaMarven Ries
NO financialsharks in retirement homes,hospitals+real estate!Harry Schlo▀macher
Potentate bashing: From bad to worseHarry Schlo▀macher
REASON also important for human rights!Harry Schlo▀macher
The Beast out of the EarthChristopher Then
The Last VoteAndrew Tan
The Schengen Agreement and CHAOS-LIESEL NerkelHarry Schlo▀macher
The strength of neglectDavid Feranmi
Wage equity for women if pension equity for men!Harry Schlo▀macher
We fight for the freedomChristian Huyeng
When Are They Coming?John Robinson