Poems of Category "Humour"

Welcome to the Humor Poetry category on e-Stories.org! Here, you will discover a collection of light-hearted and amusing poems, crafted by talented hobby authors. Humor is a genre that aims to bring a smile to your face, evoke laughter, and uplift your spirits. In this category, you will encounter poems that tickle your funny bone, with clever wordplay, humorous observations, and witty verses that will brighten your day. Humor has the power to transcend language barriers and unite people through shared laughter. It is a universal language that allows us to find joy and see the lighter side of life. Whether it's a hilarious anecdote, a comedic twist, or a satirical commentary, humorous poems have the ability to spread cheer and create a lighthearted atmosphere. At e-Stories.org, we celebrate the talent and creativity of hobby authors who excel in crafting humorous poetry. We invite you to explore this delightful collection of humor poems and let the clever wordplay and amusing narratives bring laughter to your day. Moreover, we encourage you to share your own humorous poetic creations with a global audience, as e-Stories.org provides a platform to freely publish your poems. Unleash your comedic talent, spread laughter, and brighten someone's day with your fun-filled verses.

Poems Humour

Title Author:
Œil pour œilVolodymyr Knyr
(M)oral lawsVolodymyr Knyr
(S)ailingArne Bister
A bad adviceVolodymyr Knyr
A bean-feast tableVolodymyr Knyr
A bed restVolodymyr Knyr
A beefeater's fast Volodymyr Knyr
A bookwormInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A Brainless Proof. - A LimerickRolph David
A check-lockVolodymyr Knyr
A cold (st)eelVolodymyr Knyr
A common snailVolodymyr Knyr
A Dared Tryst. A LimerickRolph David
a doubtful sophistInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A fan of garlicVolodymyr Knyr
A findVolodymyr Knyr
A fist-fuckerVolodymyr Knyr
a fortune tellerInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A Gaul and GaullismVolodymyr Knyr
A glacier pinkInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A golf(-)clubVolodymyr Knyr
a gremlinInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A grip of steelVolodymyr Knyr
a hole in his soulInge Hoppe-Grabinger
a hopeless romanticInge Hoppe-Grabinger
a horse, a horse, a kingdom for a horseInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A human and a humanoidVolodymyr Knyr
A KIND OF IDIOM (2)Jens Marquard
A leaderVolodymyr Knyr
A leek and leakageVolodymyr Knyr
A lone maniacVolodymyr Knyr
A long stateVolodymyr Knyr
A Loopy AlphabethRudolf J. Wiemann
a new gnuInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A patientVolodymyr Knyr
A peach and a speechVolodymyr Knyr
A pedoVolodymyr Knyr
A peer Volodymyr Knyr
A piece of ice-creamVolodymyr Knyr
A piss potVolodymyr Knyr
A piss-pot Volodymyr Knyr
a polyglot minotaurInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A reputation stainVolodymyr Knyr
A retailerVolodymyr Knyr
A rife strifeVolodymyr Knyr
A ruseInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A s(tic)kVolodymyr Knyr
A Sea of SunflowersJustine Knolle
A sexistVolodymyr Knyr
A sophisticated witVolodymyr Knyr
a sorceressInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A Spaniard and HispanicsVolodymyr Knyr
A spinsterInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A stool and a toolVolodymyr Knyr
a termagant witchInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A thunder cloudVolodymyr Knyr
A tressed galVolodymyr Knyr
A very cold fishInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A Voracious KnightInge Hoppe-Grabinger
A wail and a waleVolodymyr Knyr
Accesso ed sessoVolodymyr Knyr
Adam in paradise (how it really was)Claudia Bachmann
Ahasver Volodymyr Knyr
AI Poets - A LimerickRolph David
Algunos poemínimosSergio Navarrete Vázquez
Amen!Kim Scherer
An aidVolodymyr Knyr
An antialcohol campaignVolodymyr Knyr
An arrest and a restVolodymyr Knyr
An ass-kickerVolodymyr Knyr
An ass-kickerVolodymyr Knyr
An attack as a tackVolodymyr Knyr
An escapistVolodymyr Knyr
An extremal sex streamVolodymyr Knyr
An oculist and a ridiculistVolodymyr Knyr
An unheated school Volodymyr Knyr
AphroditeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
AphroditeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
APPLESJustine Knolle
Argents et sergentsVolodymyr Knyr
Armani e le maniVolodymyr Knyr
Art fakesVolodymyr Knyr
as dead as a DodoInge Hoppe-Grabinger
As fir(e)Volodymyr Knyr
Asses and classesVolodymyr Knyr
AutoritariaMaria Teresa Aláez García
AvalementVolodymyr Knyr
« The Blood Vacuumer »Claudia Feichter
Ballade électoralePatrice Faubert
balloonInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Banchetto lucullianoVolodymyr Knyr
BattyJustine Knolle
Beetle GenocideFergal Dunne
Being oldHanna Hauser
Benjamin and his familyAmyutza Naulea
between our shoesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Beware Of The Spark Of Truth! – A LimerickRolph David
Bien d'autruiVolodymyr Knyr
Bitching and pitchingVolodymyr Knyr
Blackberries HighSonja Nic Rafferty
Bomba e catacombaVolodymyr Knyr
Bombe et catacombeVolodymyr Knyr
Bombs and catacombsVolodymyr Knyr
Bonne mineVolodymyr Knyr
Boy, oh Boy!Sonja Nic Rafferty
Brides must know thatVolodymyr Knyr
Burrow/BoroughOlivia Chevron
Cada quien nos convidaVolodymyr Knyr
causalityInge Hoppe-Grabinger
ChampagneInge Hoppe-Grabinger
CheerleadersVolodymyr Knyr
chilled to the boneInge Hoppe-Grabinger
CirceInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Classes and glassesVolodymyr Knyr
Close-stoolsVolodymyr Knyr
Como Barriga De De SapoJosé Luis Remualdi
CoquinerieRegine Andrieu
COSITA 'E NADAJosé Luis Remualdi
crocodile tearsInge Hoppe-Grabinger
De lertrecista a erudito letristaSalvador Gregorio Rey
Dentiste prudentVolodymyr Knyr
Dialogo entre caperucita y el lobo.Maria Teresa Aláez García
Dirigenti, dipendenti e dentiVolodymyr Knyr
DisappointmentGerd Farber
Don't You Worry Mate! - A LimerickRolph David
Dualism and individualismVolodymyr Knyr
Dualisme en individualismeVolodymyr Knyr
Dualismo e individualismoVolodymyr Knyr
Dualismo ed individualismoVolodymyr Knyr
Early-LateWolfgang Steinmann
EatingVolodymyr Knyr
EdenVolodymyr Knyr
EL PUERCOGaviota Zalas
El Rap Del Pato FeoJosé Luis Remualdi
Elle et IlVolodymyr Knyr
Elucubraciones1Maria Teresa Aláez García
En mangeantVolodymyr Knyr
En morgueVolodymyr Knyr
English for BeginnersSabine Müller
English teacher in troubleSven Eisenberger
English to FrenchVolodymyr Knyr
Entre autresVolodymyr Knyr
epigonicInge Hoppe-Grabinger
EpilogueOlivia Chevron
Esa loteriaMaria Teresa Aláez García
Estetas y tetasVolodymyr Knyr
Eurydicee and OrpheusInge Hoppe-Grabinger
extinctInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Feet Back (Word Games)Bernhard Pappe
First Time GamblerErika Seetzen-Woods
First VerabredungKlaus Friedrich
fragile bubblesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Fray QuiterioLuis Ros
From rosebudsHeike Gewi
FugitiveVolodymyr Knyr
Give Me The Gift Of Your Absence. A mischievous limerick.Rolph David
Good Morning, Mr. PresidentPeter Grädel
gratefulInge Hoppe-Grabinger
He who was... Volodymyr Knyr
headless Cicero (a limerick)Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
heartbreakerInge Hoppe-Grabinger
HerculesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
High TeaInge Hoppe-Grabinger
HIHI, HUHU and HAHAInge Hoppe-Grabinger
his fartsInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Hoe gaat het?Marcel Verboort
Hoe verder, hoe dichter Volodymyr Knyr
Hommage à feu Maurice LaisantPatrice Faubert
How are you?Kim Scherer
Hungry occupantsVolodymyr Knyr
I bianchi ed i neriVolodymyr Knyr
I liane e gli aniVolodymyr Knyr
i like chineeseBecky Hennigan
I USED TO BE A VIRGINIngrid Armstrong-Boehk
If I were in your shoesVolodymyr Knyr
Il peso nettoVolodymyr Knyr
Il vento ed un eventoVolodymyr Knyr
Il vero aneddotoVolodymyr Knyr
Image idéale de soiPatrice Faubert
In a bear's lairVolodymyr Knyr
In Sherwood ForestVolodymyr Knyr
InspiraçãoSofia Nunes
intuitionInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Invalidi e bolidiVolodymyr Knyr
IphigeniaInge Hoppe-Grabinger
It's a snapVolodymyr Knyr
It's hotVolodymyr Knyr
Italian ArithmeticsIngrid E. Patrick
Itsy-Bitsy ...Teeny-WeenySonja Nic Rafferty
Jean-Jacques RousseauInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Jesus and the Dirty DiaperJoseph Trance
Jove et PutinVolodymyr Knyr
JOYErika Seetzen-Woods
Just good enough for a laughRené Marczynski
Just in timeKim Scherer
L'eauVolodymyr Knyr
L'humoristeVolodymyr Knyr
L'immunitéVolodymyr Knyr
La belle femmeVolodymyr Knyr
La belle ivre et le livreVolodymyr Knyr
La curaVolodymyr Knyr
La différenceVolodymyr Knyr
La fin et le vinVolodymyr Knyr
La gente di t...Volodymyr Knyr
La grande armeVolodymyr Knyr
La hospitalitéVolodymyr Knyr
La moralitéVolodymyr Knyr
La notoriétéVolodymyr Knyr
La pelata e la palataVolodymyr Knyr
La più bella personaVolodymyr Knyr
La plus belle tiradeVolodymyr Knyr
La popularitéVolodymyr Knyr
La rue et la grueVolodymyr Knyr
La tableVolodymyr Knyr
LA VISITA MORTALJosé Luis Remualdi
Laboratoire paraphysiquePatrice Faubert
Las aves y los peladosVolodymyr Knyr
Lazzi e palazziVolodymyr Knyr
Le besoinVolodymyr Knyr
Le cose letteVolodymyr Knyr
Le dream teamVolodymyr Knyr
Le meilleur voyageurVolodymyr Knyr
Le point de contactVolodymyr Knyr
Le rappelVolodymyr Knyr
Le saviez-vous ?Patrice Faubert
Le secret de longévité, humour paraphysiquePatrice Faubert
Le sexe appelVolodymyr Knyr
Le tableauVolodymyr Knyr
Le ventVolodymyr Knyr
Le vrai amantVolodymyr Knyr
Les bonnes lunettesVolodymyr Knyr
Les consequencesVolodymyr Knyr
Les hommes et les amazonesVolodymyr Knyr
Les hommes et leurs malheursVolodymyr Knyr
Les mauvais pacificateursVolodymyr Knyr
Les paraphysiquesPatrice Faubert
Let's call a spide (anti-proverb)Volodymyr Knyr
LifeAndreas Galambos
limerickNorman Möschter
Limerick Il malato di petto di TorinoBernd-Peter Liegener
Lips and slipsVolodymyr Knyr
liquid grammarInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Local de nascimentoVolodymyr Knyr
Loquace putteVolodymyr Knyr
Los evangelistasVolodymyr Knyr
Los malos librosVolodymyr Knyr
Los productos de CervantesVolodymyr Knyr
Lost Two Kilos! - A LimerickRolph David
L’argent urgentVolodymyr Knyr
L’objet d’usage courantVolodymyr Knyr
L´évitementVolodymyr Knyr
Malheurs et rimailleursVolodymyr Knyr
Marals et non-maralsVolodymyr Knyr
MéritoVolodymyr Knyr
MH17Volodymyr Knyr
Military Intelligence, section SixInge Hoppe-Grabinger
MillefleursSonja Nic Rafferty
Model JobBill Kamen
Monster in a LakeSonja Nic Rafferty
MY DOGRay Boorman
My MirrorPaul Rudolf Uhl
Nero e biancoVolodymyr Knyr
no custardInge Hoppe-Grabinger
No Turkish meal Volodymyr Knyr
No-fly zoneVolodymyr Knyr
No-GoIrene Beddies
Non un nourrissonVolodymyr Knyr
Non-vliegzoneVolodymyr Knyr
Non-­ditsVolodymyr Knyr
Noses, diagnoses and prognosesVolodymyr Knyr
nothing but a hyperboleInge Hoppe-Grabinger
notions or emotionsInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Notre mont SionVolodymyr Knyr
Nous et PrévertsVolodymyr Knyr
Ode To BaconJutta Walker
Odeur et maraudeurVolodymyr Knyr
Ojo por ojo (anti-proverbio)Volodymyr Knyr
omnivoreInge Hoppe-Grabinger
On (f)rigidityVolodymyr Knyr
On him who isn't in timeVolodymyr Knyr
On making a jestVolodymyr Knyr
On what disfigures figuresVolodymyr Knyr
Our BadJoseph Trance
Painted LadySusanne Nübel
PAREJAS ROTASRafael Rodrigo Domenech
Parental hubrisSven Eisenberger
Pat Reon, Kickstar Police DepartmentAndre M. Pietroschek
PatrioticInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Peaches and creamVolodymyr Knyr
PenguinIris Feller
PersephoneeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Pescar Con AnzueloWendy C. Barton
PeyeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Pi Day (3.14)Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
pinky toesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Pour odeurVolodymyr Knyr
Pour ta hygiène oraleVolodymyr Knyr
PoutineVolodymyr Knyr
Professorial glassesVolodymyr Knyr
Proper presentHans Fritz
proskynesisInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Puète, peuète, pouètePatrice Faubert
Reality CheckBruno Huber
Retour de la colonne DurrutiPatrice Faubert
Ridi, palazzo! (Un anti-proverbio)Volodymyr Knyr
Right girlsVolodymyr Knyr
Roma ed un aromaVolodymyr Knyr
Sage comme une imageVolodymyr Knyr
Schrödinger's catInge Hoppe-Grabinger
SclerosiVolodymyr Knyr
Senza (s)posaVolodymyr Knyr
Seven cooksAlfred Hermanni
Shocking!Kim Scherer
Si l'homme était menstruéPatrice Faubert
Si les seins des femmesPatrice Faubert
SI TU ME AMARASLuis fidel Feliz
Silly PenelopeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Sisyphus Volodymyr Knyr
Snowman's SongIrene Beddies
StutterickIngo Baumgartner
Such is LifeIrene Beddies
Surprise, surprise !Kim Scherer
Ta chute libreVolodymyr Knyr
TabouVolodymyr Knyr
Teach me SLANG IIISonja Nic Rafferty
Teach me Slang ISonja Nic Rafferty
Teach me Slang IISonja Nic Rafferty
Teach me SLANG IVSonja Nic Rafferty
teitateitInge Hoppe-Grabinger
That's what I call patience!Kim Scherer
The Ages of ManOlivia Chevron
The artistPatrick Rabe
The BarbecueErika Seetzen-Woods
The bras(s)Volodymyr Knyr
The CrierPeter Kröger
The famous knight from BouillonInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The grandpaVolodymyr Knyr
The handkerchief treeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The hot coffeesVolodymyr Knyr
The lack of loreVolodymyr Knyr
The least delicious partVolodymyr Knyr
The Makeover MaestroErika Seetzen-Woods
The modest RabbiJürgen Wagner
The moving bodyVolodymyr Knyr
The Mysterious Game of ChessMarc Backhaus
The peach and the speechVolodymyr Knyr
The pockets of ArmaniVolodymyr Knyr
The quarrelInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The synergyVolodymyr Knyr
The TitIngo Baumgartner
The weatherVolodymyr Knyr
those -illionsInge Hoppe-Grabinger
To ParisIrene Beddies
to play the baffoonInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Toilets Volodymyr Knyr
Ton flairVolodymyr Knyr
too capaciousInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Trochee's dream of becoming a dactylInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Ulysses and PenelopeInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Um argumentoVolodymyr Knyr
Um mentoVolodymyr Knyr
Umor neroVolodymyr Knyr
Un éruditVolodymyr Knyr
Un étalonVolodymyr Knyr
Un adottanteVolodymyr Knyr
Un aforista ed un affaristaVolodymyr Knyr
Un argomentoVolodymyr Knyr
Un aspettoVolodymyr Knyr
Un beccoVolodymyr Knyr
Un bon échansonVolodymyr Knyr
Un bon achatVolodymyr Knyr
Un bon bonbonVolodymyr Knyr
Un bourreauVolodymyr Knyr
Un buon cultoreVolodymyr Knyr
Un buon impiegatoVolodymyr Knyr
Un caillouVolodymyr Knyr
Un cavalier errantVolodymyr Knyr
Un cavolo ed un tavoloVolodymyr Knyr
Un consesso ed un sessoVolodymyr Knyr
Un contrapesoVolodymyr Knyr
Un corpsVolodymyr Knyr
Un cosmétiqueVolodymyr Knyr
Un créature humaineVolodymyr Knyr
Un défuntVolodymyr Knyr
Un demostraciónVolodymyr Knyr
Un directeurVolodymyr Knyr
Un duelVolodymyr Knyr
Un et deuxVolodymyr Knyr
Un genitalianoVolodymyr Knyr
Un grosso culoVolodymyr Knyr
Un homme qui nage et un drainageVolodymyr Knyr
Un ingredienteVolodymyr Knyr
Un intendantVolodymyr Knyr
Un luengo espeso cabelloVolodymyr Knyr
Un misérableVolodymyr Knyr
Un multitueurVolodymyr Knyr
Un obstacleVolodymyr Knyr
Un pauvre verratVolodymyr Knyr
Un phénomène d´AfriqueVolodymyr Knyr
Un pipaVolodymyr Knyr
Un poeta ed EratoVolodymyr Knyr
Un rebelleVolodymyr Knyr
Un sans-cœurVolodymyr Knyr
Un scaricaVolodymyr Knyr
Un secret et une secrétaireVolodymyr Knyr
Un son et un klaxonVolodymyr Knyr
Un son et une chansonVolodymyr Knyr
Un ticVolodymyr Knyr
Un tranquillisantVolodymyr Knyr
Un ultoreVolodymyr Knyr
Un vero soldatoVolodymyr Knyr
Un vrai festinVolodymyr Knyr
Un vrai pitreVolodymyr Knyr
Un yankeeVolodymyr Knyr
Un/e Anglais/eVolodymyr Knyr
Una lengua y un anoVolodymyr Knyr
Una nulidadVolodymyr Knyr
Una persona de nadaVolodymyr Knyr
Una putta ed una disputaVolodymyr Knyr
Una santaVolodymyr Knyr
Una viscositàVolodymyr Knyr
Undies on SundayJustine Knolle
Une actrice et son personnageVolodymyr Knyr
Une gonzesse alitéVolodymyr Knyr
Une mine romantiqueVolodymyr Knyr
Une orgieVolodymyr Knyr
Une vacheVolodymyr Knyr
Uno locoPurushottam Talukdar
Unpretty womenVolodymyr Knyr
Va por ustedes.Maria Teresa Aláez García
VampireInge Hoppe-Grabinger
VocabularyJustine Knolle
VOWSOlivia Chevron
watching old stonesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Weather ReportOlivia Chevron
Whatever boy-friendVolodymyr Knyr
white liesInge Hoppe-Grabinger
Who makes the biggest wrongVolodymyr Knyr
WHO’S THAT?Ingrid Armstrong-Boehk
Writer´s BlockJames Woods
you areInge Hoppe-Grabinger
You are specialDeepak Kumar
Your noseVolodymyr Knyr
¡Déjame Quieta!Davianna Morris Robles