Poems of Category "Remembrance" in English language

Welcome to the Memories Poetry category on e-Stories.org! Here, you will discover a collection of heartfelt poems, crafted by talented hobby authors. Memories have the power to transport us to different times, capturing the essence of beautiful or sad moments, special achievements, or the bittersweet remembrance of lost loved ones or friendships. In this category, you will encounter a tapestry of poems that explore the depths of human memories. These poems may draw inspiration from personal experiences, societal observations, or even fictional narratives, allowing us to reflect on the power and significance of our own recollections. Some poems may celebrate cherished memories of joy, love, and friendship, taking us on a journey to relive those special moments. Others may delve into the melancholic nostalgia of moments lost or relationships changed, evoking emotions that resonate within us all. The texts within this category offer a raw and honest portrayal of the beauty and complexity of our memories. They serve as a testament to the power of the human mind to preserve and treasure the experiences that shape us. At e-Stories.org, we celebrate the talent and creativity of hobby authors who eloquently capture the essence of memories in their poetic expressions. We invite you to immerse yourself in this captivating collection of memories poems, where you will encounter verses that evoke emotions, spark reflection, and inspire connection. Moreover, we encourage you to share your own poems on this theme, as e-Stories.org provides a platform to freely publish your poetic creations. By sharing your own memories, you contribute to the rich tapestry of poetry that celebrates the beauty of human experiences.

Poems Remembrance (english)

Title Author:
120 Years Ago Today!Rolph David
1985 charted outSven Eisenberger
2.30 a.m. isolationConny Kirsten
a dancer on random wordsRobert Fischaleck
A MotherEveline Holzken
A Poem Full Of Deceased Words!Rolph David
A Quiet PlaceRufus Murry Jr
Anne Boleyn's Last Words - A Sonnet.Rolph David
Anne's Inglorious End - A Sonnet!Rolph David
Another SummerIrene Beddies
Can't forgetAnna Herfert
Cancer KillerJoseph Trance
Canta LibreInge Offermann
Carnival's Birth and the Celebration of St. MartinRolph David
dancing childrenNorman Möschter
DarlingJennifer Daniel
Dear GrandmaErika Seetzen-Woods
DublinSonja Nic Rafferty
EveVolodymyr Knyr
FarewellRolph David
Farewell - James AllenIngrid E. Patrick
For Michael Joseph JacksonAndrea Regine Meixner
For My FriendZul Ariffin
Forgotten flowersInge Offermann
Friendly FireFergal Dunne
funeral of heartsJohann Hauder
Germany’s Fateful Day: 9 NovemberRolph David
Good night, MoonwalkerCornelia Bystricky
Gretl UhlPaul Rudolf Uhl
Hey Joe (An Homage to Joe Cocker)Bernhard Pappe
Highway MarkersRichard Rodriguez
I hope...Liza Wick
I Remember Dear MiepGerry Shorey
ImaginationsInge Offermann
IvyRowan Chadwick
I´ll remember youRamona Benouadah
Knight DexinCristel Macaraig
KrisMaddiie Vali
Lighthouse KeeperNatascha Sifnakis
long time no seeRobert Zabek
MaPetronella Steevensz
Madness Christmas!Rolph David
memoriesGerhard Christen
Memory Of A DreamPatrick Zappe
MockeryIrene Beddies
MulhacénIrene Beddies
My Friend RonIngrid E. Patrick
Near DeathIrene Beddies
Night at the BayIrene Beddies
Once in your life - for Eric ClaptonJürgen Wagner
Once more at the LakeIrene Beddies
One Man's Victory, Another's Defeat! Rolph David
Our dog BenErika Seetzen-Woods
Our passion is understandingRobert Fischaleck
ParadiseIrene Beddies
Primadonna assoluta: A Divine Voice Died Away!Rolph David
Promise of ReturnInge Offermann
RainbowClaudio Micale
Rainforest FallRichard Rodriguez
Rainy TownInge Offermann
Remember, Remember, The 5th of November...Rolph David
Sea ResortIrene Beddies
Silent Harvest: A Gong Farmer's LamentRolph David
Smoke and MirrorsMaddiie Vali
Snow DancerInge Offermann
Step by stepMarianne Proud
SummerdaysLyraLyra Gabriel
Susie (tanka)Billy Majeski
The fallen one...Stephan Löcher
The Skeleton BluesBernhard Pappe
The vegetable gardenDiane Frost
Things - almost forgottenIrene Beddies
Vincent's Last MoveRolph David
Where the ground is made of starsVictoria Steiof
whispering nightsRobert Fischaleck
Why?Iris Feller
Wild LupinsSonja Nic Rafferty
WINTER SONGSonja Nic Rafferty
Winter SunSonja Nic Rafferty
You understandLiza Wick
you...Katrin Blatnik