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Welcome to the Poetry category on e-Stories.org, where we delve into the realm of Emotions and Feelings! Here, you will discover a captivating collection of poems crafted by talented hobby authors. Emotions and feelings are at the core of the human experience, and through poetry, we explore their intricate landscapes, providing a window into the depth and complexity of our inner worlds. Within this category, you will encounter a diverse tapestry of poems that capture the vast spectrum of emotions. Inspired by personal experiences, societal observations, or even fictional narratives, these poems offer a glimpse into the richness of human sentiment. From love and joy to sadness and pain, from hope and inspiration to fear and uncertainty, each poem immerses you in a particular emotional journey. Through the power of words, these poems beautifully articulate the indescribable, allowing us to connect with shared human experiences and discover our own truths. The raw and authentic expressions within these lines touch the deepest corners of our hearts, offering solace, understanding, and sometimes even transformation. At e-Stories.org, we celebrate the talents and creativity of hobby authors who masterfully capture the nuances of emotions and feelings through their poetic expressions. We warmly invite you to explore this captivating collection of poems, where you will find verses that resonate with your own experiences and evoke a myriad of emotions. Moreover, we encourage you to share your own poetic creations, as e-Stories.org provides a platform to freely publish your own writings. By sharing your own words, you contribute to the rich tapestry of emotions and feelings that celebrate the beauty and complexity of the human spirit.

Poems Emotions (english)

Title Author:
"Szomorú Vasárnap" – Gloomy Sunday – A Sonnet!Rolph David
"You will grow old in dignity"Meike Schrut
(at night)Velinka Petkovic
(butterfly)Velinka Petkovic
(just be)Velinka Petkovic
(still struggling)Velinka Petkovic
---Without You---Jutta Knubel
1. Ways to God.Meike Schrut
18 o'clock 42 in the 6/25/1992...Meike Schrut
A Dog Named RoverMaggie Harden
A Graveyard Full Of Buried Hopes! - A LimerickRolph David
A helpful dreamMeike Schrut
A Homosexual JerkHeike Helmert
A Knight's LetterVadim Pryde
A l w a y sMarlene Remen
A little IMeike Schrut
A love so deepChristina Dittwald
A Love...long time agoIrene Beddies
A moments thoughtGisa Wierzchowski
A Vicious CirlceThorsten Heim
Above the skyEdmund Huditz
AfraidGisa Wierzchowski
Alone and togetherJutta Knubel
Also I know a lightMeike Schrut
AmbivalenceLiza Wick
An Ancient TreeSonja Nic Rafferty
An appreciation for ‚Cream’Jürgen Wagner
Ancient times and today...Meike Schrut
Animated MomentBarbara I.
Another day afterwardsMeike Schrut
Another dream...Meike Schrut
Ask Beauty For NothingDorsey Baker
At night for MY birthday?!Meike Schrut
Attempt of an interpretationMeike Schrut
Attempt to interpret a sentence.Meike Schrut
Away from herePierre Heinen
Be who you want to be!Sandra Geiger
beautiful feetOluwakemi Amusan
BeautyRafael Miranda Aguilar
Beauty IS only skin-deepJutta Walker
Before you leave againStephanie Fuchs
Begin to DreamKlaus Thomanek
Behind my agonyMichael P.
Beleave (Songtext)Marlene Remen
Bride of DuskAndy Klemm
Bring it back....Jutta Knubel
Broken-wingedIrene Beddies
C a n d l e o f H o p eMarlene Remen
Can't sleep...Cindy Bansemer
Carried ...Manuela Nickel
Cloudy SunInge Offermann
Compared YearningMichael P.
confidenceChristine F.
Consider This...A LimerickRolph David
ConsolationIrene Beddies
constelada in the twilightLiz Martínez
ConvictionIrene Beddies
CookieMarc Backhaus
DarknessJutta Knubel
Day for the dead peopleMeike Schrut
DaybreakStephanie Fuchs
Death is not the end, or?Hans Peter Strassl
DECEPTIONIngrid Armstrong-Boehk
DeceptionMeike Schrut
Deep In The ForestsBettina Seeger
DeliberationsTino "DiRus" Zwarg
Departure of September SunSonja Nic Rafferty
Description of an angelMeike Schrut
DespairIrene Beddies
Dialogue...💞Ursula Rischanek
Dinner for OneOlivia Chevron
DistributionMeike Schrut
DOMINATRIXOlivia Chevron
Don't be afraidJohann Piber
Don't speak with your heart fullAndrew Alison
doorsConny Kirsten
DreamIrene Beddies
Dream CatcherSonja Nic Rafferty
DreamsMarlene Remen
DreamsMichela Scavone
DreamshellSonja Nic Rafferty
Dust of YearsIrene Beddies
Ein anderes WeihnachtsgedichtUrsula Bleitner
EmbraceConny Kirsten
Empty-handedIrene Beddies
EncapsuladoDiego Salas Crespo
Endless serenityPeter Gutsche
Escape in another timeMeike Schrut
Eternal ClownEdmund Huditz
EternityHeiko Schlör
Every Lovesong visits BrightonRobert Fischaleck
EverytimeAlexandra Begemann
Eyes like starsAnna Weithaas-Lachtrup
F r e e l i k e a b i r dMarlene Remen
Falling momentsConny Kirsten
falsenessMeike Schrut
FamiliarWendy C. Barton
FarewellSophie Williamson
fatherNorman Möschter
Father´s DaySharon Brasher
FearRichard Rodriguez
FearNadine Tietz
FearSven Wagner
Fighter, You Fight-Dorsey Baker
First KissMairaj Zindran
FlamesMaddiie Vali
FloodAnna-Luise Franke
Follow meChrista Katharina Dallinger
For me onlyMeike Schrut
For Me?Karen Halloway
Freude (Akrostichon/English)Jürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
FriendshipAlicia Sofie Zymone
FrozenJutta Knubel
GodTyra Kors
GoddessPeter Kröger
Going UpwardInge Offermann
Good byeJutta Knubel
Goodbye ConfusionMaddiie Vali
Grief or: only for you and meMeike Schrut
GuiltyMarilyn Pérez Torres
HaikuIoana Geier
HamletMeike Schrut
Hate or LoveJulia Cramer
Healing ElementsIrene Beddies
Heart of a DragonMathis H.
Heart of CornJürgen Wagner
Helplessly...Meike Schrut
HomelandIris Ritter
How can I?Mike Arnold
hubrisInge Hoppe-Grabinger
humblyConny Kirsten
I amJill Ackermann
I amJan Wendler
I am not YoursRebecca C.
I hate my brainKat Mirabile
I Like YouMaddiie Vali
I need youJonas King
I only look at youUwe Bernd
I wished on a star - tranqualizer IIRonald Deutschland
I'd love to beNorman Möschter
IcilyMeike Schrut
If it does not allow to come in addition. or: without talkingMeike Schrut
If somebody has gone too earlyMeike Schrut
In another, not dying lightMeike Schrut
In HidingJustine Knolle
In my small eternityMeike Schrut
In the backgroundMeike Schrut
In the corner of a pillowInge Hoppe-Grabinger
In the distanceNorman Möschter
In the middle of the oceanInge Hoppe-Grabinger
In vain?Irene Beddies
inbetweenConny Kirsten
Indelible mysticLiz Martínez
infectedEric Köhler
inhale you pureFelix Abegg
Inkstains on my fingersHendrik Sollich
Inner ThoughtsSabrina Goergen
Insolent?!Meike Schrut
Is Just A DreamDorsey Baker
Is this Me...?Sarah Lang
Is True LoveDorsey Baker
IT IS OVERJens Marquard
It is this what you do....Meike Schrut
It will come out all right in the endJutta Knubel
Ite, missa estMeike Schrut
I’ll find my songJan Wendler
Join in deathJasmin Räbsamen
Just beforeAnna Burstedde-Raptis
Just keep your eyes on meStefanie Haertel
KnowingKlaus Meier
La TendresseOlivia Chevron
Ladybird plague?Meike Schrut
Language of emotionsJürgen Skupniewski-Fernandez
LeavingJasmin Räbsamen
lentConny Kirsten
let goNorman Möschter
Let it beIrene Beddies
Let me just over and over again have funMeike Schrut
letter to uDitar Kalaja
LieMonika Schmeinta-Maier
Life´s Sweet SensationsJames Woods
Light and Shadow Ramona Benouadah
Like the windInge Offermann
Lines for the 6/26/1992Meike Schrut
LiveNatalie Kurz
Lives, allow to liveMeike Schrut
llévame with youLiz Martínez
Loneliness, My True CompanionLars Schmitt
lost and foundNorman Möschter
LOST FATHERSonja Nic Rafferty
LoveJuli Beuys
LoveChristina Dittwald
LovePatrick Rabe
Luck Is …Barbara Mewes-Trageser
M e m o r y sMarlene Remen
Man's friendshipMeike Schrut
MarchIrene Beddies
may-beConny Kirsten
Maybe you think?Meike Schrut
me by myselfMaggie Schmidt
Meeting with Concorde and my friendErika Seetzen-Woods
MeetingsMeike Schrut
MemoriesJennifer Krassow
Mirror ImageSonja Nic Rafferty
Miss youHanneke
Misty RainSonja Nic Rafferty
MoonflowerInge Offermann
Moonlit NightNatalie Kurz
Music is my addictionSamantha Rhinow
My Dreams Are BadLars Schmitt
My FriendIvana Herrmann
My Gift to YouIrene Beddies
My lovely sonMelanie Bösing
My roseNorman Möschter
My surpriseMeike Schrut
My ThoughtsCatherine Carr
My white marePierre Heinen
nainieMatthas Bleile
Never againSophie Williamson
New HorizonIrene Beddies
NIGHTGisa Wierzchowski
Night and ShadowsMax Cárdenas Mantilla
Night in MetropolisIrene Beddies
No AnswerIrene Beddies
No island, but.....Margret Silvester
no moreKlaus Lutz
no music - no more ?Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
No ode, however: Lines to the autumnMeike Schrut
Normal?Andreas Grieger
Not Everyone’s Cuppa – A LimerickRolph David
NoteworthinessMeike Schrut
nothing matters anymoreLiza Wick
n° oneDitar Kalaja
Ode to My DreamsCharles Griffith
Of the teased once?!Meike Schrut
Old person 1.Meike Schrut
On her DeathIrene Beddies
onceMichel Rösli
One-Way to madness, please.Vadim Pryde
Our (r)ageVolodymyr Knyr
Out in the coldJens Schriwer
Out to SeaNatalie Kurz
ParalyzedSophie Williamson
ParisKatrin Blatnik
PathMariëlle van Toor
Peculiar joyMeike Schrut
Pensive 1Meike Schrut
Pensive 2Meike Schrut
picturesSteven Craft
Piece of PoetryAnna Burstedde-Raptis
Pieces of GhostsAndy Berchi
powerSamantha Rhinow
PromisesAmelie-Jade Opfinger
Punishment and PenitenceJustine Knolle
PurgatoryIrene Beddies
Pyramid or rock graveMeike Schrut
QuestionsJanine Benkert
QuestionsIrene Beddies
QuestionsIrene Beddies
Rainbow chainInge Offermann
Rainy DayInge Offermann
Razorblade of FuryMichaela Hansen
Really jocularly?!Meike Schrut
Red TearsCarolin Schwab
REGRETOlivia Chevron
RelativitySven Eisenberger
Russian IconIrene Beddies
SadPeter Kröger
Sapere audeMeike Schrut
saturday february 29Lea Sonnleitner
Second Chances, Part One: 'Pain'Katrin Blatnik
secret wordsDitar Kalaja
Seemed so realHeike Helmert
Separate spheresSven Eisenberger
SilenceMariëlle van Toor
Silent decisionNina Summer
So much I do not think, if...Meike Schrut
Something concerning loveMartin Eckert
Something mysteriousConstanze A.
Song for you (mit deutscher Übersetzung)Patrick Rabe
SorryTim Schwichtenberg
Soul livesMeike Schrut
SteamingVolodymyr Knyr
Still a strong teamStefanie Haertel
StillnessNatalie Kurz
StruggleMaren Sandkuhl
Subdued PassionIrene Beddies
Summer - don't goChristina Dittwald
sunday nightNorman Möschter
sweet girlNorman Möschter
T H E K E YMarlene Remen
Take this as you mayJustin Barnard
Tale of RomanceIrene Beddies
Tanzan and EkidoJürgen Wagner
Thao in the wiin (Tree in the wind)Michel Rösli
that life is such a maze ...Inge Hoppe-Grabinger
The "N0-ing" of GodJoseph Trance
The Beliver's And The NonMikayla Powell
The black dreamPierre Heinen
The blue roseMeike Schrut
The Chains of SpainNatalie Kurz
The CoconutJürgen Wagner
The EndingIrene Beddies
The first poem in August, 2009Meike Schrut
The Journey...Nastasja Gärtner
The Jug of Tears - A fairy taleJürgen Wagner
The LandscapeJames Woods
The LeafIrene Beddies
The miracle of a peonyInge Hoppe-Grabinger
The PartingIrene Beddies
The roses of DundeeSonja Nic Rafferty
The seaSebastian Lehmann
The Song of the NightingaleKarl Wiener
The Sound of SandJustine Knolle
The truth.Sandra Geiger
The uncertainMeike Schrut
The wallSteven Craft
The wellMeike Schrut
the wind is gonna take it allNorman Möschter
There is no nice day to the deathMeike Schrut
There is nobody back more - pity?Meike Schrut
things that shineElisabeth Heilos
This Adventure Has to ContinueKim Haslam
Thistles And Heather In The Evening WindSonja Nic Rafferty
Time is fading awayIrene Beddies
Time of the lonelinessMeike Schrut
TirednessMeike Schrut
To a once beloved FriendIrene Beddies
To DeathWendy C. Barton
To FateIrene Beddies
To the MakerNatalie Kurz
True loveMeike Schrut
TrustTanja W.
Turn of the YearSonja Nic Rafferty
Two Weeks I Was a Married ManLianna Fox
Under the Sign of the ThistleSonja Nic Rafferty
UnderneathWendy C. Barton
UNEMPLOYED...homeless ... my lot...Kristian Goldmund Aumann
Unreasonable DemandMartina Schmolke. Dr. med.
Until sun risesSukejna Haracic
UntitledMarina Mura
Wake me up in Scotland!Sonja Nic Rafferty
Way to HappinessJürgen Wagner
Wednesday MorningMax Burchard
What can I do to make you see what you really mean to me?Jill Ackermann
What is what to live…?Nadège Ango-Obiang
What may I during these daysMeike Schrut
What remains...Meike Schrut
What would one see....?Meike Schrut
When I Plant That SeedDorsey Baker
When Love Comes DownDorsey Baker
Where even the innocence dies...Meike Schrut
Whether should one read it?Meike Schrut
Who I amSamantha Rhinow
Who will it be?Nina Metz
Why do I love youSimone Müller
Why I had to go - or: the 1st day in the hospital in 1992Meike Schrut
Why I need these thoughtsMeike Schrut
WHY?Ingrid Armstrong-Boehk
Wines not.Meike Schrut
Wish for a strong mindMeike Schrut
With exhaustion and with strength fill upMeike Schrut
WITH YOUJens Marquard
Without youIrene Beddies
Would it matterLinda Ruthenberg
Would You Forgive Me?Ericka Felton
Wrinkles Bessie Celeste
Wrong imaginationMeike Schrut
Wrong thoughtsMeike Schrut
Yellow sweetMeike Schrut
You don't stayFelix Kretschmer
You fly with the angelsRamona Benouadah
You have luck, more than meMeike Schrut
You killed meSamantha Rhinow
YOU KNOW MERuediger Lambert
You may be right, but...Meike Schrut
You promisedSamantha Rhinow
You resemble me - or: Lines to the sonMeike Schrut
You smashed my HeartIrene Beddies
You warm the cockles of my heartInge Hoppe-Grabinger
you will only see greatness with your heartSteven Bell
Your Love Monika Schmeinta-Maier
Your picture in my handsPierre Heinen
Your Songs Monika Schmeinta-Maier
You´re a part of my lifeMichel Rösli
You´re with meJutta Knubel
[Dog]Peter Kröger